Push-in Ceremony for new High Springs Fire Trucks to be held on March 14

Press release from High Springs Fire Department

HIGH SPRINGS, Fla. – High Springs Fire Department invites our neighbors to join us for a “Push-In Ceremony” for our two new trucks on Tuesday, March 14, 2023, at 9:30 a.m. at the High Springs Fire Department, 18586 NW 238th Street, High Springs. 

Tracing its roots back to the 1800s, when apparatuses were horse-drawn, firefighters would have to unhitch horses and push the apparatus back into the station after returning from a call. With the advent of motorized fire apparatuses, the need to push apparatuses into the station was no longer necessary, but the tradition lives on. 

The new Heavy Rescue 29, a 2023 E-One Cyclone custom chassis rescue, replaces Squad 29, a 2006 Kenworth commercial cab “light rescue” unit, and will respond to any number of calls in and around High Springs, including technical rescues, vehicle accidents, fires, and medical emergencies. Heavy Rescue 29 greatly enhances the available resources compared to its predecessor, in the area of technical rescue capabilities, including rescues from sinkholes, roofs, or trees, and major auto accidents involving large commercial vehicles or farm equipment. 

The new Engine 29, a 2023 E-One Cyclone custom chassis pumper, replaces a 2012 Pierce/Kenworth commercial cab pumper. Engine 29 will respond to medical emergencies, vehicle accidents, and fires, to name a few. 

Heavy Rescue 29 and Engine 29 represent a major investment in protecting the citizens of High Springs and providing the tools for our firefighters to properly do their job for the next twenty years. 

  • That’s awesome. I wish it was on a Saturday so I could attend. I have to go to work on Tuesday but I’m still Happy for our New Fire Trucks. 🚒🚒🎉🎉

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