Ray Holt announces candidacy for Alachua County School Board

Press release from Ray Holt for School Board

Ray Holt has announced his candidacy for the District 3 seat of the Alachua County School Board. District 3 is currently represented by incumbent Gunnar Paulson, who announced that he will not be seeking re-election.

Ray is a husband of 25 years, a father of three, a community volunteer, and a business owner with a master’s degree in public administration. He is the owner of C Bar Ranch and a member of the Alachua County School District Advisory Council.

Collaborating with students, families, and teachers in order to carry out an effective plan to improve Alachua County Schools is a big part of Ray’s vision. “We must initiate a cohesive plan that encourages and ensures success for ALL students,” Holt said.

Holt believes that our kids represent the future of our community and country. “They spend the majority of their day at school, and in addition to academic pressure, many are struggling with their mental and emotional wellbeing. In order to nurture and grow our future leaders, we must instill important values in our children, such as confidence, competence, honesty, and resilience.”

Election Day is Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2022. For information on your voting precinct or to register for Vote by Mail, visit votealachua.com.

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For more information, visit rayholtforschoolboard.com.

  • So excited to have a fabulous candidate to get behind. Thank you, Ray for stepping up. Now it is up to us to help him across the victory line. yay!

  • Hey Ray, No masks on children..the mask is a
    Political statement. Don’t wear the masks at board
    Meetings….it’s over. The whole mask wearing thing
    Is creepy. We need to see each other’s facial expressions
    In order to communicate effectively with each other.
    They did much harm to the children with the mask
    And social distancing & quarantine…it was criminal.
    An unbelievable and horrific moment in our history.
    Time to heal and be happy…time to love, and learn, and

  • Every voter now has the opportunity to put a candidate who best represents the values they themselves value most in a candidate to guide the district. These individuals will have the authority to put in place the leadership that we as parents entrust our children with. Leaders who will obey the laws and guidelines the state has made and if in disagreement, will utilize the legal means of affecting change instead of ignoring or breaking those same requirements.
    If local leadership chooses to ignore rules, how can we expect our children to obey rules? Only a person who thinks discipline and disregard for rules are not essential to a child’s well-being would believe that’s acceptable.

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