Reopen Florida Task Force launches public comment portal

Press release from Governor DeSantis’s office

The Re-Open Florida Task Force today launched a public comment submission portal open to all Floridians. Public feedback will be a critical component of the Task Force’s final report to Governor Ron DeSantis. All interested Floridians are encouraged to submit their ideas regarding the safe re-opening of Florida’s economy.

Floridians may submit feedback on any topic related to the re-opening of Florida’s economy, including the impacts to small business, healthcare, education, tourism, agriculture, retail, recreation, and sports and construction.

Click here to access the online Task Force to Re-Open Florida Public Comment Submission form.

Previous Task Force meeting agendas and presentations are provided online at www.flgov.com/COVID-19.

Audio recordings for all previous Task Force meetings are available online at www.thefloridachannel.org.

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  • Dear Governor and Task force,

    It is imperative that you begin opening up Florida for business. Every day you keep businesses closed is another day of reduced wages, income and tax revenue for the municipalities, counties and state! Neither people nor the government will have any money to provide basic services. The domino effect will be worse as folks stop making payments to for their homes, credit cards and workers that will then lead to bank collapse. You can already see the sky HIGH numbers coming in for unemployment, forbearance and this is just the beginning.

    The Death rates of COVID19 do not warrant the destruction of our society including the higher Suicide rates, domestic violence, drug addition and the List is LONG. The unintended consequences are worse than the virus.

    Let each county decide on the course of action that is best for them and step in if numbers get out of hand.

    Don’t let the few screaming folks wanting to save all lives put you in a position that kills more lives and the livelihood of so many.

    Thank you and God Bless, Susan Baird, Former Alachua County Commissioner

  • I own a private school and would be able to do social distancing and sanitizing as well as any day care center, yet because I have ages 2 through 8th grade, I fall into the category of the school closure mandate from the Governor. The U of F is not opening their campus in the fall and schools, such as mine, should not be forced into the restrictions that are all encompassing. A case by case process needs to occur so businesses, such as mine, can reopen safely and quickly. Day care centers can choose to be open but schools with K-8 cannot.

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