Rep. Cammack Issues Statement On “Hell No” Vote Against “Build Back Better Act”

Press release from the Office of Congresswoman Kat Cammack

Congresswoman Kat Cammack issued the following statement about her “hell no” vote against H.R. 5376, the “Build Back Better Act”:

“Since this bill’s inception, and throughout its many changes, iterations, versions, and revisions, I’ve maintained that this bill is a heaping pile of garbage,” said Rep. Cammack. “It’s an American dream killer, sells future generations down the river, and utterly changes the moral fabric of our nation for the worse. From the very beginning, we’ve known that this bill would cost the American people trillions of dollars, yet even without a CBO score, congressional Democrats wanted to forge ahead with a vote on this disastrous piece of legislation, ignoring the dangerous implications it will have on already-soaring inflation and our economy.

“To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. This bill is full of radical, liberal wish-list priorities, including amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants, 87,000 new IRS agents to target the working-class Americans, higher taxes for the American middle class, regulations that will crush American businesses, and the list goes on.

“One thing I can say with extreme certainty: the House’s passage of this dumpster fire of a bill just solidified an overwhelming Republican majority in 2022. Now we sit back and wait for the record number of retirements by House Democrats; they know they won’t survive this, but they voted for it anyway. Shame on them.”

  • Thanks Kat. The Demoncrats are again buying votes with other people’s money. We need to vote them out and a 100 new MAGA Republican seats in 2022. They are a danger to our republic. They should pay a political price for this vote.

  • The slogan “Build Back Better” was coined by WWII NAZI (socialist) collaborator, Klaus Schwab.who founded the World Economic Forum (WEF) in 1971. The WEF supports agenda 2030 and the transfer of middle class wealth to the DAVOS elite to establish a form of global corporatism.
    The current Covid “pandemic” is a planned “false flag” event to usher in THE NEW WORLD ORDER. The first wave of economic socialism was achieved by placing middle-class workers and small businesses on the non-essential list where millions of Americans were forced into quarantine, unemployment and bankruptcy for the sake of a SARS-CoV-2 virus that not one expert on planet earth has been able to prove actually exists.
    In 1992 Schwab opened the “Global Leaders for Tomorrow” school, which became “Young Global Leaders” in 2004. Many of the graduates were elected (placed) into leadership positions. They served as ticking time-bombs for what would becone THE GREAT RESET, sparked by the Covid-19 false flag.
    A few names of Schwab’s graduates include: Gavin Newsom, Peter Buttigieg, Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel, Bill Gates, Jeff Bazos and more.
    Scott Adams, the creator of the “Dilbert” cartoon claimed the BUILD BACK BETTER slogan, famously repeated by Klaus’s “Young Global Leaders” graduates is satanic Freemason numerology for the mark of the beast (666) where each lower-case “b” can be seen as a “6”, ie: (6uild 6ack 6etter).

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