Report: Gainesville City Attorney in talks with Levy County

City Attorney Nicolle Shalley speaks to the Gainesville City Commission on May 25, 2021


According to a report in Spotlight on Levy County Government, Gainesville City Attorney Nicolle Shalley is Levy County’s number one choice for County Attorney.

The Levy County Commission decided at yesterday’s meeting to begin negotiations with Shalley because she is more experienced than the other candidate, and they thought Shalley’s “comprehensive legal background was a good fit for the county in an era when the changing requirements of law and interpretations of the law shift sometimes from day to day.”

The article says, “Shalley said she really wants the job,” although it will likely pay significantly less than her salary at the City of Gainesville. Shalley also said she will be required to give the City 2 months’ notice before leaving.

Levy County’s previous County Attorney retired on June 30, 2021.

We have reached out to Shalley for comment and will update the article if we receive a response.

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  • Some things have more value than money…honesty, integrity, character. Good luck to her if she truly is looking to leave the land of the lost and is not wanting to bring their ideology to Levy County.

    Those that remain…they still believe.

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