Report: Ron DeSantis will launch his presidential campaign on Twitter with Elon Musk on Wednesday

Courtesy Office of Governor Ron DeSantis


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – According to a report from NBC News, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will announce his campaign for President of the United States at 6 p.m. on Wednesday on Twitter.

Elon Musk and DeSantis will host a Twitter Spaces event that will be moderated by David Sacks, a tech entrepreneur. The campaign is reportedly planning on releasing a launch video the same evening, and Desantis plans to visit several early-primary states next week.

  • (Wishing the Governor would stay on as Florida Governor……Musk and corporate interests need to steer clear of politics and vice versa.)

  • our nation’s leaders do not govern anymore, they campaign 24/7
    19 months out from the election and i am already sick of it!

  • As much as I selfishly want to keep him as my Governor, I realize that I need to share this great leader with the rest of the country. Oh yeah, and put Tim Scott of South Carolina on the ticket as VP and man let me tell ya, that would be an unbeatable ticket in 2024!

  • Governor DeSantis’ book, “The Courage to be Free; Florida’s Blueprint For America’s Revival” is an interesting read which points to both major political parties not being representative of their registered voters. There’s some acidic truth there if one wishes to delve into the causes of social divides and why it is in the interest of the parties, legacy media, and government bureaucracies to keep those divisions alive.

    Some, if not most, of our nation’s leaders – past and present – who were politicians, military officers, corporate and industrial innovators, as well as inventors and scientists, were easy not to like. Success positions the successful at distance from those who are not. Socio/economic distance usually results in either deification or demonization; take your pick.

    It is arguable that having a successful leader many dislike (i.e. DeSantis) is far better than having a flawed leader who is likeable (i.e. Jimmy Carter). So, it may be that whether one likes or dislikes a candidate should be secondary to his or her ability to lead because the issues and conflicts will change faster than a person’s hard-wired ability to resolve them.

    Governor DeSantis has a problem as soon as he declares his candidacy. It’s the main problem seen in his book. It is the same problem he points out other governors and states have.

    Governor DeSantis’ successful governance in Florida is certainly admired by other states. Florida is also aided by a constitutionally mandated balanced budget (in 40 states the governor must sign a balanced budget) which is now unheard of in the federal government.

    But, what works in Florida does not necessarily work in California, Illinois, Oregon, New York and so forth. DeSantis has repeatedly fought against other states’ take on the failed immigration policy as those same states reject his and Florida’s.

    That’s the problem for Candidate DeSantis and it was a similar problem Candidate Mitt Romney had with the health care issue in Massachusetts; what works in one state doesn’t always translate to success in another or all the others.

    To be fair, Candidate DeSantis does try to mitigate the appearance of being one dimensional through efforts in representing Florida on the internal commerce stage and meeting with other heads of state.

    Cumulatively, however, is all that enough to lead a divided US (oxymoron?) without the same voter mandate, and legislature majority, he currently enjoys in Florida?

    The safe call for Governor DeSantis would be to stay in Florida, finish his term, and, because he’s relatively young, try the presidential thing 8 years down the road.

    That’s the thing about real leaders, the ‘safe call’ isn’t in the front their play book.

    • I agree with many of your points, and they are valid, I do not think DeSantis will win the presidency. I’m afraid his navigation to a far right course will have alienated many moderates as well as independents. He’ll have to chart a different course if he ever hopes to be president. Only history will tell but any future political aspirations may have been squandered of late with his continued battles with corporations as well as seeing just how far he can go with public education. The same divisive ideologies and personality will channel more voters against him than any opposing thoughts will draw voters to any opponent. Case in point…it worked for Trump in 2016 and it worked for Biden in 2020. Don’t misinterpret my comment, I would love to see him be elected but I think he is more valuable here as the Governor of Florida than a “stuck in the muck” President in Washington.

      It was great that you mentioned his ability to work well within his “bubble” of Florida that has a conservative majority but we are one of but a few states that has that. I doubt those same policies will go over well in others.

      We’ll see if it will be a successful launch or if it will just go up in flames.

  • He’ll never be president. Fascists don’t generally do well outside Florida and Texas.

    • i doubt your IQ is high enough to research the definition of
      Fascists! oh and #FJB

      • “Britannica Dictionary definition of FASCISM
        or Fascism : a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government”

        This guy is in our face more than Musk and in our affairs more than a governor should be, telling businesses how to operate, doctors who and how to treat, universities what faculty to hire, schools what they can teach, voters who to elect, local governments to bend to his will, and women how to plan their families – oh that’s right, they can’t in Florida anymore. And he calls this “freedom”.

        “Fascist” sounds about right and you have to be a big government lover to like him.

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