“Retail friction” coming back very soon


Alachua County’s brief reprieve from retail lines will apparently be short-lived: After issuing a new order on April 3 saying that occupancy will be restricted to 25% of capacity instead of the original 1-person-per-thousand-square-feet rule, it looks like the rules are changing again.

Gainesville Mayor Lauren Poe just tweeted: “Alachua County and Gainesville are finalizing an amended order as I tweet, clarifying that businesses are limited to one person per 1000 square feet. This is much safer for our neighbors and our workers. Enforcement is headed out now.”

  • When calculated as a circle, Hutch’s arbitrary 1,000 sq.foot rule exceeds the established 6 foot social distancing by an unnecessary 12 feet. Why is the commission intent on burdening struggling business with numbers dreamed-up by math-challenged commissioner Hutchinson?

  • Not according to the state. Publix and many other retailers are going with 25% of allowed under regular circumstances. Yay DeSantis!

  • Why should non-expert buffoons like Hutch and Poe be left to recommend anything like this? Should be disregarded despite Poe’s threat. Who does he think he is? Churchill?

  • Hutch wants “retail friction?” Isn’t that one of the services offered at those day spas that keep getting busted? Reminds me of what Hutch is doing to the citizens. For some reason.

  • Sometimes “more is not better.” I’m yet to see any real evidence to say why 10% is needed, that alone safer. The exposure of our having to wait in a long line outside the store is far worse than “Hutchinson’s Rule.”
    Looking at the big picture is essential for any governmental body in this time of crisis. That means considering the risk of exposure while waiting.
    I for one want elected officials that understand the big picture over those that like to grand-stand. We deserve better leadership.

  • Notice how the two power hungry nuts mentioned love having town halls and other events for them to preside over. Their edicts are nonsensical because neither know what they are talking about, just yearn for power over something. Very poor and actually dangerous leadership. Should start a recall for Hutchison and Poe. They are laughable at best.

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