Ring in the New Year in downtown Gainesville with two family-friendly events

Press release from City of Gainesville

GAINESVILLE, Fla. ‒ Join your community this weekend to celebrate New Year’s Eve with two free, family-friendly events!

Sparks in the Park

Depot Park is the place to be for Sparks in the Park this Saturday, Dec. 31. Beginning at 5 p.m., neighbors are invited to bring chairs or blankets to watch the sun go down on 2022 for the last time, while enjoying a DJ-hosted, family-friendly dance party. The evening concludes with a 20-minute, musically choreographed fireworks display over the main pond at 6:30 p.m.

Downtown Countdown

Later in the evening, it’s time to ring in the new year at Downtown Countdown! The celebration at Bo Diddley Plaza (111 E. University Ave.) kicks off at 9 p.m. and continues until 12:30 a.m. Featuring live music from 24-7 band and Jackquelyn Graham, the plaza is right in the midst of Gainesville’s exceptional downtown establishments and makes for a bright and safe place to join neighbors ringing in the New Year! 

  • I’m feeling triggered by them using “free” and “family” in the events names. Free could appeal to District 1 citizens, while family excludes single adults and couples. Where is the equity?

    • Leftist ideology can be summarized as an attempt to climb the social ladder via underhanded tactics, such as eliminating the competition by promoting “equality,” i.e. dragging everyone down to their level: The gutter. Leftism is a strategy for losers to take power and resources from winners. When it comes to Leftists, we are not dealing with honest people who want what is best for society.

    • Who in the heck would want to go into this leftist lib fest and rub elbows with rip off representatives like Poe Boy, 6-gun Ward, Lying Hyphen-Hayes (minority wannabe) Sico Saco and others? Not to mention it’s still in Gangsville where lib DAs and judges don’t believe punishments slow crime. It’s all mental disorders that they have zero control over. Crime and ILLEGAL guns are out of control and mainly used by teens and prior felons. I would rather take my family to Miami than this cesspool (that used to be mostly a nice town before woke idiots ruined it.

  • Fireworks should be an ideal trigger to get the homey’s bullets flying. All they need is a couple of rap groups to trigger some “gun violence”. You know how violent those evil guns are…..right?

    • Right! I recently visited a business where a rap song was playing and the lyrics talked about “pop some ethnicity same as myself in the buttocks” and it was loud and clear and repetitive

    • Rap groups!!! Or did you mean to say some country music to get all the nasties to rape, molest, and take child p👀rnagra👍🏽ic picture and diatribe them? Yeah I think that’s what you meant!!

    • Would fireworks be a no no to the green woke folks? All that smoke and residue going into the climate. Fireworks are for Independence Day.

      • Good commie progressive are embarrassed by Independence Day. Juneteenth is their new woke “independence day.”

  • Half of Gainesville (including most of UF) will be out of town for another whole week. Have fireworks on Independence Day like a normal city. This is one of Poe’s pet projects. For him, having fireworks on Independence Day would be waaaaaay tooooo nationalistic. Maybe the new commission can fix this idiocy of his along with the many others.

  • Who wrote the press release? Are all the City Commisioners attending this “bright and safe place” event. It does not accurately describe downtown Gainesville at all. Best of luck, ya’ll behave now , ya hear?

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