Fixed: pothole on NW 43rd Street near Millhopper Shopping Center

Update: the pothole has been patched.

A reader has reported a new pothole on northbound NW 43rd Street near the entrance to Millhopper Pines and the Millhopper Shopping Center driveway near Orange Theory. Drivers should use caution in that area until it is repaired.

  • If you’re going to start reporting the potholes on our local roads, you are never going to be able to sleep! There are SO MANY!!!

  • They need to get on those potholes before it turns
    Into “the boy with his finger in the hole in the dam”…
    I was driving near NW 5th Ave and kept hitting this
    One pothole…the first time I hit it, I said “holy sh@t”!…
    The 2nd and 3rd time I hit it, I said “ when are they going
    To fix this…they really need to fix this”…it eventually got
    Fixed…the city & county need to focus on essential
    Services and less on social issues….now we got
    Pot holes and bums & homeless everywhere…they
    Need to have Zero tolerance on crimes involving
    Guns…they need to do a social justice campaign
    With “10,20,life…use a gun and you’re done! Don’t do
    The crime if you can’t do the crime”…

    • “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time”…
      And the SAO better prosecute small crimes like stealing
      Food from a grocery store”… and If a thief breaks into
      My home while I’m inside(if this ever happens to you, then you know what “I was in fear for my life” means), I don’t have to flee…it’s called
      The castle doctrine…a mans home is his castle. If they
      Start letting criminals get away with crimes, we’ll have
      Anarchy and no one will be safe.

  • This is where the road contractor paved over a covered water valve that was lowered for construction. They heard about this before we did and were on site this morning raising the valve body to grade and patching the asphalt.

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