RTS Citizen Advisory Board asks the city commission to consider removing Corrine Brown’s name from RTS Administration Building


The Citizen Advisory Board for the Regional Transit System (RTS) has sent a letter to the Gainesville City Commission, formally notifying them that the board voted on December 2, 2020, to “request that the city commission consider removing former Rep. Corrine Brown’s name from the sign” on the RTS Administration Building.

The letter continues: “The consensus of the board is that the name on the building distracts from the issue of public transportation in Gainesville and takes up valuable discussion time during advisory board meetings… We understand the commission has been reluctant to address this issue in the past, but please be aware that it is a persistent concern in the minds of many community members across the city.”

Brown was convicted of multiple felony fraud charges in 2017 and sentenced to 5 years in prison for stealing money from her charity that was supposed to award scholarships to children. She was released from jail to home confinement in April 2020 over coronavirus fears and released from home confinement pending appeal in October.

  • They have to vote on that? It’s a no brainer….Take
    That disgraceful convicted felons name off of everything now!…they should give her a covid shot
    And make her finish her sentence.

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