Sales tax warrant issued against former Gainesville mayor


The State of Florida Department of Revenue has issued a Sales and Use Tax Warrant against Margaret (Pegeen) Hanrahan, a former mayor of Gainesville. A sales tax warrant is a lien that is filed with the Clerk of Court in the county where the taxpayer is located.

The warrant indicates that Hanrahan owes $3,648.18 in sales or use tax, along with $992.61 in interest, penalty, and fees, for a total of $4640.79. Hanrahan is listed in Sunbiz records as the Registered Agent of Community and Conservation Solutions, LLC in Gainesville.

  • stuck us with biomass boondoggle too…that’s why we have
    the highest utility rates in florida and $1billion in GRU debt…Miss Agenda 21!!!

  • The Biomass Queen used the sales tax money owed the state to pay for solar panels so she could stay off the GRU grid.

  • Lock her up! Lock her up!

    If she were a minority she would be. That all changes if the perp is a member of a certain party. Just ask Governor Cuomo.

  • Ask Jim Konish to tell you how Pegeen was at the front of the line for the Feed In Tariff (FIT) that all GRU customers pay them for at 10 times the price so that Hanrahan pays no utility bill each month and gets a credit every month on top if it.

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