Santa Fe College Once Again Tops the List for Bright Futures Scholars

Press release from Santa Fe College

Santa Fe College is honored to once again be the top choice for Florida Bright Futures scholars for the 2019-2020 academic year. 

The Florida Department of Education reports that, as they have the previous two years, SF led the Florida College System for both the number of initial enrollees (738 for this academic year) and renewing enrollees (581) receiving Bright Futures scholarships. Overall, more than $2.8 million was distributed to the 1,319 Bright Futures scholars at SF. 

“Bright Futures is an invaluable program that rewards high school academic achievement, promotes access to the high-quality educational institutions that reside in our state, and benefits students by limiting their college expenses and enabling them to graduate with less debt,” SF President Paul Broadie II, Ph.D. stated. “I am gratified that Santa Fe College continues to attract the highest number of Bright Futures scholars and has the highest number of students eligible to renew their scholarship in the Florida College System. This is a testament to the exceptional delivery of instruction and outstanding academic and co-curricular learning environments students experience here at the college.” 

Bright Futures scholarships are earned by high school students who meet a number of academic requirements, including a minimum GPA of 3.0 and at least 75 hours of service to their communities. Bright Futures scholarship recipients often enroll in the Honors Program at SF, which last year had an 88 percent acceptance rate for students transferring into nearby University of Florida. 

More details about the Florida Department of Education end-of-year reporting on scholarships is available online. 

  • Kudos to them for not practicing discriminatory admission practices. Not the usual, race, ethnicity, or gender but the discrimation against state residents that the other major university in Alachua county practices. If anyone ever says UF is not a “for profit” entity, they are lying. The University of Florida will admit an out of state student with the same qualifications over a Florida resident because there is MO MONEY for the university. Tell that to the liberal knuckleheads demanding free tuition.

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