School board candidate Daniel Fisher responds to social media attacks

Alachua County School Board Candidate Daniel Fisher

Press release from Daniel Fisher, Candidate for Alachua County School Board, District 1

ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. – In the run-up to tomorrow’s voting, the Alachua County Democrats posted memes attacking Daniel Fisher, candidate for Alachua County School Board, on their Facebook Page.   The memes attempt to smear Daniel Fisher for his association with Tim Marden, a respected Newberry City Commissioner.

Fisher explains: “They can’t attack the great ideas we have for fixing the schools, so they are going back to the same nasty tactics we’ve come to expect from the local Democrat Party.”  

The Fisher campaign has maintained three main focuses: Getting all students to grade level in reading by third grade, fixing the deteriorating schools (particularly Eastside High School), and getting the buses running on time. 

Asked how voters may react to these attacks, Fisher responded, “I think people are tired of attack politics, and that is partly why we have been successful in attracting so many votes. We are keeping the focus on policies and solutions. We just want to get to work and help our kids.” 

The Alachua County Democrats have endorsed Fisher’s incumbent opponent Tina Certain in the District 1 race.

  • The twisted irony is this is supposed to be a nonpartisan race.
    Nothing could be further from the truth. McGraw, Certain, McNeally under a false emergency protocol rushed in Carlee Simon to avoid a real vetting process. Finally the Governor removed McGraw from sitting in a seat she did not earn. That shift flipped the board and Simon was removed as Superintendent and from the School system.
    Do not let her be rehired.
    Please vote for these candidates this Tuesday.We do not want a “CRT”progressive left indoctrination “WOKE” driven school system.

    VOTE: Tuesday August 23

    Dan Fisher
    Mildred Russell
    Kay Abbitt
    Ray Holt

    Let’s go back to teaching the basics and maintaining Discipline in our Schools with these candidates.

  • Tina Certain needs to be defeated in tomorrow’s election. She has openly defied state law with regard to masking, and has advocated for schools to be CLOSED in defiance of common sense and scientific data reegarding COVID.

  • Your article fails to point out that Marden is employed by the John Birch Society, a group that seeks to abolish schools. Below is text copied from their website, JBS.org. Why would someone who cares about public education work with someone who wants to abolish it?

    “This action project focuses on three major steps that would help reclaim America’s children and its future:

    Get our children out of public schools
    Encourage faith leaders to form a cohesive crusade against public education
    Defunding all state and local public-school programs and abolishing the federal Department of Education”

    • Samuel…I guess you want to defund police? You’re for open borders? Bigger government in your life? Government dependency?

      If that’s the platform of the Democrats and you support them, you must favor those same philosophies as well. See how that guilt by association works?

    • Tim Marden is not the candidate in this election. Very cheap move to try to deflect the narrative.
      He did provide advice and assistance to a candidate in his first attempt at office. Tim Mardin, is a 10-year sitting Commissioner in Newberry that they respect deeply. He is very involved in our County for his help and insights.

      • Lil Timmy is the one person behind the Springs County (sic) movement. “Involved in our county” is wrong. He wants to DESTROY Alachua County because they will not vote his fascist conservative way.

  • Certain claims to be fiscally responsible because of her economics background but a conclusion could certainly be made because of what she did during the last administration. Her actions are indicative of one of two things, maybe both.

    She’s either fiscally incompetent, (most Democrats are), or she’s racist. Racism is not specifically symptomatic with white Americans only…contrary to the attempts of many.

  • Why would Dems not want Springs county? It’d make their one-party rule even more Certain forever. Oh yeah, but they’d lose those westside tax revenues, needed to keep fixing and disciplining Certain schools and students 🤔🇺🇸

  • A vote for a Certain is a vote to bring back Dr. Carlee Simon. That much is for certain.

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