School Board Chair Leanetta McNealy goes maskless at “The Price is Right”


Alachua County School Board Chair Leanetta McNealy, who has consistently voted for the school district’s mask mandate and says she is “for masking,” was photographed tonight at “The Price is Right” at the O’Connell Center without a mask.

The event was indoors and clearly crowded, and McNealy wore her mask at times and took it off at other times.

Alachua County is one of a handful of Florida school districts that still mandate masks with no parental opt-out, and the school district has filed a challenge to the Florida Department of Health rule that requires parental opt-outs.

At the October 5 school board meeting, just before voting to continue the mask mandate with no parental opt-out for K-8 while allowing grades 9-12 to opt out with parental approval, McNealy said, “I’m for masking. In fact, we can mask until June… I’m listening to the doctors… [at] the University of Florida, although we have one mistake who just got appointed, but the University of Florida has some great physicians and doctors, and that’s who we depend on in our community.” She later added, “[Masks are] something that we need to get accustomed to. This is something that we need.” 

  • Not surprised at all. She is a Self righteous despicable hypocrite. She needs to be replaced with someone who actually cares about what is best for our kids and our community.

  • Kudos to whoever snapped this photo. The hypocrisy runs deep with this one. The masks and virtue signaling serve to further injure and divide this confused community. Like a trip down university avenue and over the rubber speed bumps. Again and again….

    • Just ran over those 2 of those speed bumps last night
      And said “what the F?”…

  • I can understand how McNealy sees her prime mission is follow doctors orders. It’s a tradition to simply submit to authoritarians without considering the plague of Covid corruption that lies deep within the bowels of U. Florida medical school whose doctors are responsible for complicit murder by malpractice and disinformation.
    Holocausr survivors recognize this behaviour as an organized crime against humanity because they’ve seen it before in WWII by Dr. Josef Mengele, the “Angel of Death”
    WWII Concentration camp survivors recently penned a letter to the European Medical Agency (EMA), European Union and others:

    “We, the survivors of the atrocities committed against humanity during the Second World War, feel bound to follow our conscience and write this letter.
    It is obvious to us that another holocaust of greater magnitude is taking place before our eyes. The majority of the world’s populace do not yet realize what is happening, for magnitude of an organized crime such as this is beyond their scope of experience.
    We, however, know. We remember the name Josef Mengele. Some of us have personal memories. We experience a déjà vu that is so horrifying that we rise to shield our poor fellow humans.
    The threatened innocents now include children, and even infants. In just four months, the COVID-19 vaccines have killed more people than all available vaccines combined from mid-1997 until the end of 2013—a period of 15.5 years. And people affected worst are between 18 and 64 years old – the group which was not in the Covid statistics.”
    Why should Covid-19 not be called Holocast 2.0? – https://www.globalresearch.ca/stop-the-covid-holocaust-open-letter/5755902

  • Just more validation that not all Democrats actually believe what they say. Neither are all Democrats hypocrites and not all hypocrites are Democrats.

    However, McNealy is both a Democrat and hypocrite and the picture is just another true measure of her character.

    • I’ve been hearing the Democrat party being referred
      To as the “American Marxist” party now….

      • They have to, for legal reasons. The Republican National Committee long ago copyrighted the trademark “The American Fascist Party” for themselves.

        • O.W…🤣🤣🤣 Still here? There should be plenty of liberal pieces to spread your vitriol or is it they can’t compose a consistent line of thought?

  • Not really is a priceless photo!
    So many people with masks attached to their faces in some manner but not covering their mouths and noses… What a joke! Why bother??
    Are they really that stupid?
    Do they think that wearing a mask like a bib can do anything beyond possibly catching their saliva if they start to drool?
    We have to give McNeely some credit for taking hers off completely and not wearing it like a bib…
    I’m sure that event was loaded with the high and mighty of our area who wanted to tell others what to do when they obviously do not believe what they are saying, or do not understand basic principles of infection control.
    Surgical and cloth masks are nearly useless and preventing transmission of this aerosolized virus that they are so terrified of. But when worn the way many of these people are wearing them, they are absolutely useless, and not even a tiny bit helpful!

    • What’s extra stupid is all the Branch Covidians who’ve
      Received the clot shot and are still wearing the mask…
      When asked why, They say: “For extra protection”!—-what Idiots! —I know
      For a fact that my body does not like something impeding my breathing.,.Some people wear
      The mask because they have bad teeth or to cover
      Up their ugly faces…a lot of people I talk to tell me
      They took the shot because if they didn’t, they would
      Have lost their job…I say, “oh, you were coerced, huh?”….

  • The one she calls a “mistake just appointed” is the state surgeon general, a Black man. He has more sense than her, he’s an MD working at UF. An immigrant, too. Why are Black immigrants more sensible than native citizens? Answer: they weren’t raised in Dem voting districts.

  • Print the picture on some iron-on transfers from Walmart and put it on t-shirts to wear to the school board meetings.

    • Maybe on school signs to illustrate to the youngsters…”Don’t grow up to be like this.”

      Maybe “Do as SHE does, not as she says.”

      Gotta give them someone better to believe…

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