School Board Chair Leanetta McNealy goes maskless at “The Price is Right”


Alachua County School Board Chair Leanetta McNealy, who has consistently voted for the school district’s mask mandate and says she is “for masking,” was photographed tonight at “The Price is Right” at the O’Connell Center without a mask.

The event was indoors and clearly crowded, and McNealy wore her mask at times and took it off at other times.

Alachua County is one of a handful of Florida school districts that still mandate masks with no parental opt-out, and the school district has filed a challenge to the Florida Department of Health rule that requires parental opt-outs.

At the October 5 school board meeting, just before voting to continue the mask mandate with no parental opt-out for K-8 while allowing grades 9-12 to opt out with parental approval, McNealy said, “I’m for masking. In fact, we can mask until June… I’m listening to the doctors… [at] the University of Florida, although we have one mistake who just got appointed, but the University of Florida has some great physicians and doctors, and that’s who we depend on in our community.” She later added, “[Masks are] something that we need to get accustomed to. This is something that we need.”