School board member’s son arrested for drug possession, unlicensed concealed firearm

Mark H McGraw II


According to an arrest report from Gainesville Police Department (GPD), Mark H McGraw II, the son of School Board Member Diyonne McGraw, was arrested on April 17 for possession of cannabis and carrying a concealed firearm without a license.

The arrest report states that GPD conducted a traffic stop on McGraw’s vehicle for failure to stop at a stop sign at 100 NW 1st Ave. Once the officer made contact with McGraw, he smelled “a strong odor of cannabis emanating from the vehicle.” McGraw was asked if he had any cannabis inside the vehicle, and he said that he did. The officer reported that McGraw “was extremely nervous and was sweating profusely.”

McGraw was asked to exit the vehicle, and as he exited, the officer removed a Gucci men’s bag that was across McGraw’s chest. Inside the bag, the officer found a Glock 19, loaded with 14 rounds in the magazine and with a round chambered, “readily accessible” to McGraw. The gun was later found to be reported stolen in Tallahassee. McGraw “spontaneously advised that he had the gun for his protection.”

The officer also located a clear bag containing 10.8 grams of cannabis. McGraw was released on his own recognizance on the charge of possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and posted $5000 bond on the charge of carrying an unlicensed concealed firearm.

Diyonne McGraw has not responded to a request for comment.

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  • …an unlicensed concealed “stolen” firearm is what he
    Should have been charged with…Where did he get
    That gun from? They need to really crack down
    On the carrying of stolen weapons and give him
    5 years…maybe this is what the C of G is trying
    To do to get some home rule when it comes to
    Firearms. Stiffer penalties with crimes that involve
    Guns and mandatory jail time. 10, 20, life….

    • What statements don’t you agree with? You just
      Want to let getting caught with a stolen illegal
      Gun crime go free? Aren’t crimes with guns a problem??

      • There is no way that it can be proved that he stole the gun people buy it on the streets all the time so that charge don’t stick and that’s why he is not being charged with

        • Irregardless of whether he stole the gun and purchased it on the street doesn’t make it less “stolen.” The firearm was reported as stolen from Tallahassee as stated in the article.
          If someone steals your vehicle and sells it to some idiot without the proper paperwork it’s still a stolen vehicle. I would hope if he is found to be the cause of the stolen gun they will “circle back” and charge him with any associated offenses.
          An individual having a stolen gun in their possession is probably a contributing factor in the laws regarding transfer of firearms purchases. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Although I disagree with the attention grabbing headline, I also admit that people in the public view and their families are placed under greater scrutiny more so today than ever before.
    In today’s world it could be argued the greatest weapon is not a firearm but social media. It can take down a president, prevent the appointments of judges, prevent senators and representatives from holding office and yes, even prevent the common person from obtaining employment. Hell, it can even keep a child from attending college or cause them to be removed from a school in general.

    I am glad Mr. McGraw II responded in the correct manner that prevented further escalation of an obvious choice of bad judgement on his side. Although Mrs. McGraw can not be held accountable for the alleged crimes, rightfully so, another argument could be made that she bears some responsibility in this particular instance. This is her son, raised by her. He failed his mother because he knows the position his mother holds within the community. It’s unfortunate that he failed to give his mother the R E S P E C T that we would hope someone that holds a position such as her would have hopefully instilled in her child. She is one of the people elected to perform a service as a school board official to lead our children in their educational endeavors.

    I do find it curious that Mrs. McGraw, who usually seizes opportunities when available, chose to become mute when asked about the incident though.

  • Enlightening that we have a continual push from certain political quarters for increasingly intrusive firearms statutes, yet we’ve never actually tried enforcing the laws on the books to see if they, alone, are sufficient to effect the societal benefits we seek.

  • It was right by the entrance to the Wells Fargo parking garage. It’s open to the public for parking, and certain people have tried to turn it into a drive-in hip hop club in the evenings. That’s been a problem downtown for a while now. The cops do patrol the area. Notwithstanding all of his other decisions that evening, at least he had the sense not to fight or run from the police.

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