School crossing guard hit by speeding car

Photo courtesy of Alachua County Public Schools

Updated at 5:00 p.m. with updated information from GPD that the school guard was hit on Thursday.

Staff report

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – A school crossing guard was injured yesterday when he was hit by a vehicle speeding through the school zone at 3100 NW 16th Avenue. The crossing guard sustained non-life-threatening injuries and was transported to a hospital. The driver was cited.

The crossing guard reportedly worked at both Glen Springs Elementary and Westwood Middle schools.

  • Wishing the crossing guard a speedy recovery.

    I’ve mentioned it before, people speeding and distracted drivers are rampant in school zones. Leadership should be more concerned with that than whether a certain pronoun is used or not.

    • Pulling the Gainesville police officers off of the interstate and putting them to work enforcing the traffic laws in the school zones might just help.

      • Gary, there aren’t enough patrol officers to do this. They can’t keep officers when the lace is run by woke commissioners and hamstrung leadership.

  • The driver should not only be cited but arrested. Not to mention pay the hospital bills for this person. My husband is a crossing guard at Hidden Oak. He says a lot of people driving are either speeding or on their phone. He has saved a few kids this year from getting hit by these drivers. He will yell at the driver and they will flip him off or yell back. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

  • He is a wonderful crossing guard. IT was very sad to see him laying on the gurney being put into an ambulance because of reckless drivers speeding through a school zone.

  • Was the crossing guard IN THE ROAD? Because that’s where the cars live…

    • The road is also for pedestrians and bicyclist but that don’t stop them from getting hit maybe you the idiot that should be driving.

    • Someone gave you access to a keyboard? Gainesville is supposed to be a “highly educated” community. So much for that.

    • A young child was hit and killed on NW 16th in the Westwood school zone years ago. There’s a small cross on the median where he died. Doesn’t seem like much to ask to slow down in areas where kids are around.

    • Let’s see where she’s going to be living after hitting him while speeding through a school zone.

    • You can tell someone’s IQ just by their comments part of a school crossing guards job is to walk across the road leading children holding a sign that says stop so yes he could have been in the road doing his job

      • Most liberals will have us believe every job can be performed from the comfort of their couch post-Covid.😉

  • Place the overpaid city manager and all the others who have stifled our local police department to enforce speeding through this town.
    This is a heinous crime and the driver should be locked up and lose their license. Also pay the medical bills of this person. Hope he recovers soon.

  • How many times did I ask the motor unit to put just a couple of radars in the school zones everyday for just 30 minutes.
    Rotate them so as to keep the drivers guessing and slow them down. Did it happen?? NOOOOOOO!
    As I learned by research, tickets written on US and state roads generate more revenue to the city than tickets on local streets where most school zones are located.
    It was sadly a matter of time before this happened. Maybe, just maybe GPD (Lonnie) will make changes to keep the guards safe.

  • Hi. I’m the other guard who was with him. We were both out there, stopping traffic. Just doing our jobs. We tried to slow her down, she never looked away from her phone. I’m not able to even look at my uniform without sobbing. Why this is not a CRIME, I don’t know!?!

    I’m glad he’s okay. But, like.. I’m not.

    • Driver needs to do time and have her license revoked. The 16th Street post is the most dangerous. They come speeding up Interstate 16 and he has to deal with them. This won’t stop till we get tough and make these ignorant self-absorbed bastards pay a heavy price.

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