School district again providing free meals to children and teens during the summer

Press release from Alachua County Public Schools

ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. – Children 18 years old and younger can receive free breakfast and lunch during the summer months through the Alachua County Public Schools Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) department.

The Summer Meals Program, funded by the federal government, is open to any child regardless of family income. The meals are served at more than 70 sites, including local schools and other locations. The ACPS On Point Food Truck will bring meals to three locations in southwest Gainesville, including Majestic Oaks, the SWAG Family Resource Center, and the Veteran’s Memorial Park off Tower Road. 

Children do not have to be enrolled at a particular school or program to receive meals. They also do not have to be eligible for free and reduced-price meals during the regular school year to take advantage of the program. Children do need to eat the meal on-site, and families going to schools for meals are asked to check in at the front office. 

The Summer Meals Program provides nutritionally balanced meals to all children during summer vacation when school breakfasts and lunches are not available. All children 18 years old and younger are eligible, and families can take advantage of the program at any of the local sites. Baby formula, cereal, and food are also available, although families should call the FNS office at (352) 955-7539 two days ahead of time to make those arrangements. 

“Families can take their children to the site that’s most convenient for them,” said Maria Eunice, Executive Director of the district’s Food and Nutrition Services department. “They just show up during the serving times and enjoy a nutritious meal, with no registration required.”

Most sites will be up and running on June 5, with several running through July 21. The dates and times that meals will be served will vary from site to site. Details are available at www.yourchoicefresh.com (click on the banner labeled ‘Free Summer Meals’) or by calling (352) 955-7539.

An event to kick off the Summer Meals program will be held June 3 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Veterans Memorial Park at 7400 SW 41st Place. It will include free meals from the district’s On Point food truck for all kids 0-18, as well as family-friendly activities and participation by a variety of community groups. 

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  • The USDA and CDC continue to claim that the federally funded free meals program is aimed at reducing malnutrition and obesity. In reality this program causes more obesity and additional health issues due to:
    1. the poor quality (ie glyphosate, MSG, GMO, corn syrup, foreign meat, etc.) and
    2. The federal guidelines (the USDA food pyramids/charts have been a laughing stock for decades. At one point the pyramid was completed inverted)
    Only eat this junk as a last resort!

  • govt does not care, just means more money in their pockets from
    Big Pharma lobbyist. its not in their interest to keep you healthy!

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