School district posts interactive zoning maps

Staff report

ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. – Alachua County Public Schools has posted interactive maps that allow families to look up their address and learn which schools they are zoned for.

The maps allow for better zooming than previous versions, and families can enter an address (with city, state, and zip code) in the box at the top left to see a marker pointing to the address and a list of current and proposed schools.

The “eye” icons can be used to switch between elementary, middle, and high school maps.

  • ACSB is deflecting your attention from their failure of not having a strategic plan, not knowing state law, failure to control the classrooms and buses and inability to attract employees (I wonder why). Why are they focused on NEXT YEAR zoning instead of THIS YEAR’s problems?

    • Alachua County must not have gotten the memo contained in HB 1 this year; that school choice thing for all students.

      Maps like these are right out of the realtor playbook for where young families want to live, or, not to live.

      • There has to be room. In some instances, there isn’t. See local school numbers.

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