School mask mandate ends

Press release from Alachua County Public Schools

The following message has been sent to all ACPS families this evening:

Earlier today a new state law was signed that blocks public schools in Florida from requiring masks for students. As a result, masks are now optional for all students, and an opt out form is no longer required for families who do not want their child to wear a mask in school or on a school bus.

Alachua County Public School students may wear masks in school if their families wish, and masks are still recommended to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

The new law also allows parents to decide if a student with no symptoms should quarantine after being exposed to someone with COVID-19. Quarantining is strongly recommended for unvaccinated people who have contact with a positive COVID case, and is still required for anyone with symptoms.

We encourage students and families to continue to take precautions to prevent the spread of COVID in our schools, homes and community.

  • Don’t worry, the global Illuminati are preparing the next big thing to control us 🙁

  • I’m glad it mentions that masks are not required on
    School buses…The ACSB acted like a bunch of tyrants…
    Their concern for the kids & faux altruism was cover to advance
    Their Marxism. The kids suffered and now they can
    Go back to learning and having a childhood….god
    Bless those who fought hard to stop the child abuse
    Foisted on the children because of their mandates.

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