Second sentence handed down in jail voter registration case


Arthur Leonard Lang, 43, has been sentenced to 18 months in state prison after pleading nolo contendere to two counts of perjury and one count of fraudulent voting by an unqualified voter.

Lang is one of at least ten convicted felons who registered to vote in the summer of 2020 at the Alachua County Jail but were unqualified to vote for various reasons; the Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigation into the allegations found that Lang voted in the 2020 General Election and falsely stated on the voter registration application that he was not a convicted felon or that his rights had been restored.

The maximum sentence for the charges would have been 15 years; the 18-month sentence will be served concurrently with part of his current 4-year sentence on 10 charges in 5 cases from 2018 and 2019; he is currently scheduled to be released on January 9, 2023, so the new sentence will extend that date.

Daniel Roberts was sentenced last week to three years in state prison on similar charges – two counts of fraudulent voting and one count of perjury. His sentence did not extend his release date.

  • The Supervisor of Elections used $500k in Zuckerberg cash for “election safety” by sending her staff inside the county jail during the 2020 Summer COVID spike to facilitate voter fraud?

  • This is atrocious. These people were all told they could vote! Why are they being punished for someone else’s error?!

    • The SOE sent a representative in to the jail to get
      More democrats to vote. Why did the supervisor
      Of elections send a representative in to the jail?
      He probably thought his voting rights were restored
      If the supervisor of ejections office was there…they
      Probably told him to fill out the forms anyway. The SOE
      Should probably stop trying to sign up voters inside
      The jail.

      • They SOE probably sent the same representative down to the cemetery looking for voters too. They
        Need to be checking ballots now to see how
        Many dead people voted…try sending a dead person
        To jail. The trail ends there.

      • Are you saying only Democrats are in the jail? How do you know this person didn’t vote Republican? And if someone misled him, then why isn’t THAT person being held accountable instead?

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