Seven people displaced in Holly Heights fire

Press release from Alachua County Fire Rescue

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – At about 2:15 p.m. this afternoon, crews from Alachua County Fire Rescue, along with a unit from Gainesville Fire Rescue, were called to a fire in a two-story apartment building in Holly Heights. The crews were able to evacuate the building with nobody being injured. The fire was quickly extinguished and was confined to the apartment of origin.  

Due to the fire damage, three adults and four children were displaced. ACFR was able to work with the Red Cross to get them accommodations.  

ACFR would like to remind our citizens to check their smoke detectors monthly and change the batteries twice a year (unless they have extended life).

    • That’s actually rude to comment, I actually live out here and no matter my situation I lost my apartment 2 buildings in front of this one, 2 fires one on the 6th and the 8th and I lost everything, and I am a victim of arson, barely 4 months post why don’t you come out here, I don’t do drugs, sell drugs, prostitute myself nothing, I have nothing out of 10months of trying to rebuild my life
      People like you shouldn’t have internet
      Doesn’t matter why I’m out here, what matters is what I’m doing for myself
      Ignorant people like you making snide comments thinking you better then everyone

    • Hope you never find yourself there. I had 100k and savings I had a great job great historic home nice fancy car and I got diagnosed with cancer a year and a half ago and I have insurance and I lost it all I actually slept in my car over near cedar ridge many nights there’s no rest for me to go sleep in my car until I can find a place and get money together for deposit and first month’s rent I really hope that before all that happened I wasn’t as judgmental as you maybe it opened my eyes to what can happen if the blink of a moment what if your house burned down you didn’t have insurance and you sustain an injury and couldn’t work and wound up getting sued or what have you I mean you just never know when your life is going to just unfold and it’s really hard to pick up the pieces then you get depressed and you find something that kind of makes you feel better but there’s drugs or alcohol kind of makes you forget where you’re at that you’re sitting in a car 24 hours a day 7 days a week I can’t shower to go look for a job you know where to pick a dog I mean it’s just not somewhere you want to be I hope you never have to be there personally I never asked the section 8 because I knew I could pull myself back up but if I had kids I don’t have education I have I definitely be in that office getting it. I was blessed that I passed employer put up the deposit and first went for me and paid my pod to get out of storage so that I could get back on my feet if it wasn’t for that blessing I don’t know what I would have done I’ll probably be right there and cedar ridge being one of those people you’re complaining about and now it’s 6 months later I’m a regional manager and managing a thousand units here and I’m trying to change the way it is

      • Friend I get it,.perhaps not the good job or fancy car or even a savings, cedar ridge ain’t no joke either, I’ve slept on the ground in the rain for reasons I care not to relive but that’s not the issue here, so many are quick to judge without even knowing, circumstances are and that irritates me, and I’m tired of keeping my mouth shut, not everyone is a junkie or a dealer or anything involved with that, I literally sat outside my door step one morning as I witnessed a argument over stupid stuff and all of the sudden bullets started ringing out over my head, not even 4ft away, I froze didn’t know wtf to do, needless to say by 11 I was drunk, severe PTSD has set in with everything, Jan 1 of last year a kid was gunned down in broad daylight in front of at least 20 people no one saw nothing 😶 come to find out he was all 21 younger then my own kids and he died, he was a son maybe a uncle a brother
        Gets quiet and then drive by’s happen, then a fun fight right outside my back door, the crap never ends out here….a bullet has no name someone once said and that has stuck with me ever since I heard it, I ok not great not good, don’t well I hate being out here, this isn’t how I live
        But again no matter the struggle you can’t give up….I’m still here for a reason and even after my building went up 2xs in 2 days not remembering how I got out, God has a bigger plan never was mine

  • October 6th and 8th of 2022 I lost my apartment due to arson, which was 2 buildings in front of this one, doesn’t matter why I am out here or what my situation is, everything I worked hard for and built was taken from me, then mere weeks later my house was broken into 2xs, they took everything I had left
    I don’t do drugs, don’t sell drugs, don’t prostitute myself like I see out here, I keep to myself, I didn’t ask for help, didn’t beg for anyone to step in and help me
    This is a rough area, I’ve seen things I’ve never been upfront with and the trauma is real! Rude comments like Mr lou 👇 down there irritate me because it’s uncalled for, you think everyone out here is chasing the drugs or pulling guns out because they beefing over stupid crap and shooting each other….no at least I’m not
    But who cares right, it’s holly heights everyone out here is a loser right???? Does drugs w e
    Ignorant people

  • Amazing how if you pull up my building from 4 months ago, red cross or fire chief never stepped in to help those in my building

  • Mr Pink, why does it matter if someone is on government assistance? It’s called assistance because it assists when people need help.

    Good for you if you’ve been Blessed and haven’t had need of assistance. Have you ever asked your family/ friends/ church/ Salvation Army/ United Way or anything/one for help ever? That’s also assistance. Just not from the government.

    Life happens and sometimes people need a little help. I’ve lived and worked in a lot of states and I know that Florida is one of the harder states to acquire assistance from, food notwithstanding.

    I can also tell you that the housing prices in this area are criminal if compared with jobs and wages against other areas across America. Not everyone has a college education or a salaried job with sufficient/affordable benefits. Those people are also the people that make your life easier and liveable. Have gratitude and compassion for them.

    Life is hard enough, especially now that Covid is here. Try Blessing others rather than judging them.

    Heaven forbid that something happens to you or your family and you’re unable to make ends meet because someone that is this judgmental and seemingly against government assistance should never apply for it then, yes? SMDH

    • Because I am a landlord and the section 8 tenants I had turned my units into trap houses…stop making excuses. They crapped up my units and ruined the neighborhood. Don’t take it personally….it was just a question… didn’t mean to trigger you and make you defensive.

      • You got student housing projects right around there that are having the same problem they can’t get people to live in their buildings because it’s so close to the crime so they have to drop their rates really low and when they drop their rates down to 275 per room for a furnished unit then they started moving over to like pavilion and Cabana Beach with all the US students and then you got a trap house with a frat boy and a accounting major. I would love to find a solution to this problem trust me

  • Ever stop to think that there is no control over what tenants do? I mean I’ve seen it where I am, landlords don’t do crap hate to say it but true! There is no repercussions to the actions of what happens out here, so many diff companies or people own diff buildings and in 4 months 4 fires, my house or building 2xs, it’s not about help or agencies or anything, these people are rude, disrespectful and don’t give a crap about nothing, trap houses probably, drugs no question, dealers everywhere, I personally don’t and won’t be apart of it or get involved,
    I’m sure the majority are on some sort of assistance and take it for granted beyond what even aso can do to stop the mayhem out here, it’s disgusting
    The squatters as well destroying everything out here, breaking in to empty places, stealing people’s mail, identities and nothing is done, and that’s fact
    I would like to say I’m sorry for what these people have done but I can’t do something be proactive and making a statement

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