Shalom, suckers!


  • Is there a way to contact the organizers or some of the other attendees at the Tel Aviv conference and tell them that our loser/failed politicians don’t deserve to be there and are abusing the conference for a free warm-weather vacation? Perhaps including a copy of Commissioner Cynthia Chestnut’s letter? Heck, most of them are normally anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian. Let’s name them and shame them, especially after all three of them voted to end single-family neighborhoods.

    • 1) Try traveling to Tel-Aviv when you aren’t even able to contact the people who go there.
      2) Assuming most of something isn’t always a great idea.
      3) Let’s? Them? Please don’t fabricate your friends…enemies? Wake up!

      • I can print out a bunch of stuff, stick it in an envelope, and mail it to Israel. Others can do the same if they want. And there is always email. It’s not rocket science.

        • They can zoom…I say they shouldn’t be able to use our tax money on a vacation… Fix the sidewalks here.

          • It’s just preposterous to think that they should be going at all after sticking a thumb in everyone’s collective eye over the single-family neighborhood business. And the city’s financials with the state are in such arrears that they should pitch in and work on that themselves instead of celebrating the holidays, let alone traveling halfway around the world to attend a conference they really don’t belong at because they have nothing to contribute. Is Poe still presenting himself as “a professor”? They can ride off into the sunset and tell everyone “Screw You” like the cartoon says, but don’t expect it to be another trip to Hawaii on the taxpayers’ dime. Most Israelis would tell them to get back home ASAP and finish the financial statements so that the city isn’t further penalized due to their very poor job performance.

  • Wouldn’t it be a shame if Arreola gets mistaken as a terrorist, the wannabe minority Hayes-Santos gets mistaken for an illegal immigrant and Poe gets taken by the Islamic State or Taliban.
    Nope, it would be fitting & a wonderful Christmas gift.

  • So, are they flying over in an electric plane? If not, when will they be announcing their sizable personal donations to offset the carbon footprint?

  • A goodbye kiss for the citizens of GNV, who they have been S******G for the past several years.

  • City Audit Financials due two years ago yet to be furnished? And these theiving A$$$ Clowns take a Carbon Footprint Trip overseas while Gainesville and GRU are Bankrupt. Hopefully they are only granted one way ticket expenses. Think of the people that probably voted Democrat that are as responsible and cant pay their utility bills . They smirk now . Hopefully Prison Later.

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