Sheriff: 13-year-old girl murdered at Majestic Oaks Apartments

Release from Alachua County Sheriff’s Office

Shooting Investigation Update:

On Friday, April 23, deputies responded to Majestic Oaks in reference to a shooting. Deputies located the victim, 13-year-old Maliyah Godwin, who was transported to a local hospital, but succumbed to her injuries. No arrests have been made and Sheriff Clovis Watson Jr. is asking for your help.

If anyone has information related to this investigation, please contact the Combined Communications Center at (352) 955-1818. You can also remain anonymous and be eligible for a reward for information leading to an arrest by calling Crime Stoppers at (352) 372-STOP (7867).

  • Tragic loss of a young person’s life. Where’s the ambulance chasing Crump? Why isn’t he offering a reward? Where’s the BLM movement? Where’s Al Sharpton?

    These crimes in predominantly black communities really don’t matter to these so called “activists” because it neither meets their political agendas or fills their pocketbooks. Imagine that…

    Once again, their hypocrisy speaks the “real truth.”

    • The death of a young multicultural kid shows your ignorance, the support of black people across the nation for there “own” people scares you and it shows. Your ignorance is just as void as the point your so unqualified in making which there is none. This young girl was anyones child, could of been any moms daughter and any fathers daughter, she was a young girl who had white blood coursing through her veins, so where is trump?, where is Melania?, where is Ivanka?, where is kushner ? where is the white crump? , where is the white al sharpton?, the hippocracy of the support from white communities literally blocks away from where this happened shows no participation where was ACSO who literally lives in this neighborhood and patrols here endlessly has failed this community, so called white America built by black people and so called black communities only supported by black folks and patrolling cops alachua county sheriffs office, gainesville police department has to stop or we keep making racist statements to which this post is responding to, politicizing a young multicultural kid in little gainesville who had her whole life in front of her.

      • Actually, the support of black people across the nation for their “own” does not “scare” me. I think it is important when any individual stands up for another. I am simply pointing out that the aforementioned individuals do not gain much in the way of “personal” publicity or wealth when it comes to victims of those living in predominantly minority neighborhoods unless it is a crime by a government entity against said population. You on the other hand, want to place blame on ASO because they patrol the area endlessly. This was a crime committed by one person against another, whether black on black, white on black, black on white or white on white. I do not know and I didn’t see whether the article made mention of race. What I do know is that Majestic Oaks is predominantly a minority neighborhood that does not share the same socio-economic status as say, Royale Palms or any other rent community close to the university.
        She was not “anyone’s” daughter which would imply she was interchangeable. She was “someone’s” daughter. That means she was important to a specific person(s) whether it was a mother, father, sister or brother. She was SOMEBODY TO SOMEONE. What you instead choose to imply was that she could be “exchanged” with “anybody” else. Not true, she was loved by someone.

      • There no such thing as white blood our blood is red regardless of our race.

  • This apartment will be in the new glorious Springs County. How will the devotees of Brother John Birch put a stop to this obviously Communist inspired crime?

    • Currently it is in Alachua County and that did not prevent the loss of a young girl’s life. Whether one lives on one “side of the tracks” or the other shouldn’t matter. It starts and ends in the home. When people of ALL races have an understanding of this we are condemned to reliving the recurrence of such tragedies.

      Parents need to take a more active role in raising their child(ren) and stop “deferring” to social media and the influence it has on a child’s life. Stop allowing the morally and criminally corrupt from having a greater impact on their child(ren’s) life than they do.

      I have no idea whether the lost life had some role in the crime or not but whomever was responsible had a parent, whether present or not, that should have had an impact on the perpetrator of this heinous crime.

      Perhaps that is the real tragedy here.

      • I meant to say that “Unless people of ALL races have an understanding of this we are condemned to reliving the recurrence of such tragedies,” not “when.”

  • Nobody gives light on sad cases where a child losses their life for no good reason sad

  • long live maliyah baby girl we miss and love you you was only 13 the past 2 years have been hell you make the 4th friend that has left me omg whyyyyy im not going to cry cs your in a better place now love you babby girl

  • The asymmetric responses to such tragedies based solely on the presumed races of the perpetrators speak volumes as to the motivations of our politically biased press. Rest in peace, young Maliyah, and know that anonymous strangers mourn your senseless murder.

  • WCJB (4/25/21): Residents in Majestic Oaks said the incident happened near building A of the apartment complex, where a memorial can be found in her honor. A sign at the memorial reads “Big H, gone but never forgotten.”

    “She probably was with the wrong crowd and in the wrong situation and stuff like that,” neighbor Kenshawn Cannady said. “I would’ve wanted to see her actually live her life, her best life with her family and stuff like that, doing the things that a 13-year-old girl, things that they’d do in this life.

    No arrests have been made, but the sheriff is asking for help finding the suspect. ASO is actively investigating to locate a suspect.

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