Sheriff asks residents to add security cameras to agency registry

Staff report

ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. – Alachua County Sheriff’s Office is asking residents to register their outside security cameras with the agency’s Camera Registry to help investigate incidents near their location. Registering does not give the Sheriff’s Office access to your cameras; it allows the agency to contact you if there is a criminal incident near your location. The request will ask you to review your footage and upload anything relevant to the agency’s secure portal.

You can register your cameras here.

    • Hell yeah Shannon together we can keep these streets clean 🧹

  • I’m not sure why they can’t ask me if a crime is committed near my house. I will definitely help if I can but why would I register anything.

  • Interesting. A press release that doesn’t have “Sheriff Clovis Watson Jr.” In it.

    • Your entire life and belief systems are based on lies and you have been played

  • Really??? I’m sure they wouldn’t share any of this information with the FBI or the Dept. of Injustice. Righhhht?

  • Your camera, and while you’re at it, all your guns and serial numbers. If you don’t mind, tune your Alexis to the frequency we provide.
    All for your safety of course 😈 yea right Clovis.

    • hate to be the bearer of bad news but. They can already tune into your Alexa. Just put tape over the camera when you beat off and file your serial numbers in the closet you’ll be fine.

  • “Rather than ask you if you have information, we want to know beforehand who we can demand information from.”

  • I don’t get why ppl are freaking out over this like it’s an invasion of privacy haha. So what if the cops call you to ask to review the footage from your porch or something? People higher in the food chain can already view your cameras lol the fact you think you have any say in these freedoms proves how much of a sheep you are, sad. Oh I’m sorry did I interrupt your distractions; I’ll let you get back to it

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