Sheriff’s Office and school district counter social media accounts of Oak View Middle School fight


NEWBERRY, Fla. – The low-quality image above of a fight yesterday at Oak View Middle School is taken from a video circulating on social media, and a Facebook post from Newberry Mayor Jordan Marlowe echoed rumors that a student had been transported to a hospital in an ambulance. Marlowe also said he had spoken with the Sheriff about the possibility of increasing the presence of law enforcement at Newberry’s schools and would speak with the Superintendent today. Marlowe added, “I am unwilling to sit by and say there is nothing we can do. We are the parents. We are the adults. It is our job to raise these children to understand choices, actions, and consequences.

However, Alachua County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Art Forgey said the victim was checked by EMS but released to a parent to seek medical attention privately if necessary. Forgey said the fight was between two boys, a 13-year-old and a 15-year-old. He said deputies at the scene determined that no disorderly conduct charges were warranted and that the school would handle any discipline.

School district spokeswoman Jackie Johnson said that no other students were involved and “The school will be responding in keeping with the Code of Student Conduct.”

The video posted on Facebook shows the initial punch, after which the student on the right falls to the ground, where he is repeatedly punched by the aggressor. Although the quality of the image below is poor, it shows the aggressor’s arm raised in the process of punching the student who is on the ground. The video does not capture whatever led up to the first punch.

Another video circulating on social media, with no date, shows a group of boys chasing down and attacking a student who is walking away from the group.

  • Mayor Marlowe was right on target. You must take immediate actions to insure the safety at that school.
    Actions have appropriate and severe consequences. Serious injuries can result from students this age. If a student was defending themselves that must be evaluated differently.
    It’s way past time for this type of behavior to end in our schools and society. It has been out of control all over Alachua County.

    • I agree, I no longer have kids this age but I’ve noticed how quickly kids have begun to act grown. If drastic measures aren’t taken soon, public schools will no longer be safe at all. If they want to act grown, treat them that way. Enforce the discipline codes. Get these kids into alternative education programs. Let them use their hands and learn a trade. Not all kids are able to sit in classrooms for 6.5 hours a day, so there will always be disruptions.
      We have the dual enrollment program for the brains, how come we don’t have vocational dual enrollment for the kids who are using their hands? Or maybe we do and I’m out of the loop?

    • They should absolutely face more than “school discipline” . Children should not have to worry about their safety in grade school. Is it acceptable that the child in one picture is literally getting stomped by a group of kids? This generation is becoming sad! It starts at home parents, don’t let your child grow up to be an inmate, bring back home training, raise them to have a chance at something great.

  • This is more than just a simple fist fight between two young men. This is a group attacking one person for whatever reason. This group attack mentality needs to be addressed. I believe that charges are warranted when someone needs medical attention as a end result. More than just school discipline. It is too common place in society anymore. Obviously a group of cowards who couldn’t fight individually and must attack in a group to prove themselves. The mayor is correct in the fact that school officials are the adults and are in charge. These packs of rabid teens are not.

  • These animals prevent other kids who are at school to learn from doing so. Expel them out of this school so others can learn. This is why parents send their kids to private schools or do home schooling. Rediculous.

  • This is what happens when Rosewood descendants vote for the same Party who enslaved your ancestors, est. the KKK, and now run your schools. It’s logical. Their goal is to make schools into Dem. daycare centers and crime breeding farms, to continue enslaving the gullible.

  • I wonder what the root causes of this sort of violence may be? Is it “racist” to ask for a family background on the participants in violent events?

  • No disorderly charges by the police??? Unacceptable! Criminal charges should be forthcoming for the aggressor. Too many examples of no consequences because of the belief “boys will be boys!” (NFL, Our politicians, FOX news etc.)

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