Small-Producer Agriculture Capital Support Grant (SMAACA Grant) Available

Press release from Alachua County

The Alachua County Commission has approved and funded a mini-grant pilot program for small farmers and ranchers. The grants are for farms and ranches that earn between $1,000 and $250,000 per year. Funding is for capital and equipment expenditures that will positively impact the business’ income. 

The total grant request must not exceed $5,000. Only one application per farm or ranch is permitted. The total funding for this pilot program is $10,000

This grant will also prioritize small farms and ranches owned by black persons, women, indigenous persons, and persons of color, as these groups have been marginalized in the past when competing for programs such as this. 

Applications must be in the County Manager’s Office by 5 p.m. July 30, 2021.  

Click here to go to the SMAACA Information Site. You will find more details and a link to the application at this site. 

Applicants can submit completed forms by email to SMAACA@alachuacounty.us or by mail or in-person to:  

Attention: SMAACA Grant
Alachua County’s Office of Resilience, Climate Change,and Sustainability
12 SE First Street, 2nd Floor County Manager’s Office
Gainesville, FL 32601 

  • “To reduce inequity in marginalized communities, this grant will prioritize small-producer operations that are owned by black, women, indigenous, and persons-of-color.” Hmmm…. these days one can identify as whatever one wishes. If you are evil white male 🙄🙄🙄, just identify yourself as an indigenous female.

  • Wasn’t there a recent court ruling in a similar case? No matter what degree of “marginalization” may have happened in the past, this program discriminates against the rest of the population. I thought discrimination was illegal. Sounds like reparations to me.

  • Last i looked, rain didn’t discriminate where it fell based on a person’s color. Frost didn’t care whose crops it burnt either.

    Since the 14th Amendment was ratified, this may be the single greatest discriminatory act sought by the federal government against another race. Sad day in Mudville.

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