Some sacrifices have to be made


  • Great illustration! It truthfully depicts who’s taking advantage of low income wage earners in Gainesville. He’s also partially responsible for the gentrification of some neighborhoods. Direct correlation between his voting habits and the increase of homelessness and crime in the city. He continues to prove what a fiscally incompetent idiot he is. That’s our Lard-arsed Harvey.
    He even does it while he looks you right in the face.

    Liberals, he fooled you.

    • The rates are high because they want you to use less electricity to stop climate change…you know, “save the planet”..

  • His first priority: giving himself a raise to make himself the highest paid mayor in Florida.

  • Jake hit it out of the park. These libs are hypocrite and don’t give a damn. This what happens when most people don’t vote.

  • Red, you are spot on. One thing I noticed when we here from another state was the lousy way that people, white, black and other races, lived.
    They live under their mushroom. Live purposely in squalor, and that’s just fine with them. Don’t bother to cleanup their property, don’t speak to anyone, just living day to day.
    Vote? What’s that?

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