St. Petersburg man arrested for burglary of apartment under pest control tent


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Adrian J Anderson, Jr., 38, was arrested late last night and charged with burglary, grand theft, and resisting arrest without violence after he was allegedly seen on surveillance video stealing Jordan basketball shoes and other items from an apartment that was under a pest control tent.

The victim called 911 at about 9:15 p.m. last night and updated the call-taker while watching surveillance video from within his apartment, located in the area behind Checkers on NW 13th Street. The apartment building was tented for termite spraying at the time, and the key to the victim’s apartment was left in the door while the tent was up.

Surveillance video reportedly showed Anderson entering the apartment and looking around, then he allegedly took a backpack and placed several pairs of Jordan basketball shoes in the backpack. Then he allegedly put on a pair of basketball shoes and unplugged the surveillance camera.

A Gainesville Police Department officer saw Anderson in front of Checkers, then Anderson allegedly fled on foot and was eventually caught after a foot chase. Anderson reportedly had the victim’s backpack with two pairs of Jordans in the backpack, along with the pair he was wearing. The stolen items were reportedly valued at $750. Anderson also reportedly had multiple other electronic items and coins that did not belong to the victim. Because all the tented apartments were unoccupied and had signs warning about poison, officers were unable to determine whether other apartments were burglarized.

Anderson declined to speak to officers post Miranda, so it is unknown how long he has been in Alachua County. He has 18 felony convictions and has served seven state prison terms, with his most recent release in February of 2022. Judge Susan Miller-Jones set bail at $37,000.

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  • I’ve heard of people getting trapped during the fumigation but maybe that only happens in the movies.

    Damn! Somehow the real pest escaped.

    • Some guy died a few months ago who broke into a tented house and was found naked on the 2nd floor and “juiced out” through the ceiling.

  • Wow 7xs in prison. No rehabilitation at all. Doesn’t want to change his life either. 3 hots and semi ok mat.

  • Have you ever seen a house tented? There are warning signs all over about the danger of the gas. The tent is locked down too. This guy really wanted those shoes. He will probably try to sue the exterminator when his organs start shutting down. Moron Alert!

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