State Senate Candidate Rodney Long requests re-designation to Senate District 9

Photo courtesy of Rodney Long for State Senate District 8 campaign


Updated at 10:40 a.m. to reflect the latest legislative maps.

State Senate District 8 Candidate Rodney Long has submitted a request to the Florida Department of State to have his campaign re-designated from State Senate District 8 to the new District 9 (which now cuts across southern Alachua County and includes most of Marion and Levy Counties).

The request says, “Per the March 8, 2022, MEMORANDUM to All State Senate Candidates, I am requesting to be re-designated from State Senate District 8 to District 9 due to Redistricting. Thanks in advance.”

Long has not yet responded to our request for comment; we will add that response when we receive it.

  • Rodney’s motivation may be that District 9 would be more valuable some way in the Bail Bond business. He could also help register felons to vote. He could also use this district because he has hopes that the opportunity will be better if Marco Rubio loses.

  • Long lookin’ for lunatic love in liberal ‘Lando to lessen chance of losin’.

  • I don’t see how this is good for him. Long is not going to win in Marion County. It’s not Alachua.

  • Didn’t Rodney have some trouble with some minority loans
    He received years back and not pay them back?
    Did he make a commission on the sale of Moms

  • NW Alachua county will not support him so maybe he thinks the Gainesville vote will carry him?

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