Statement from Commissioner Gigi Simmons

Press release from City of Gainesville


The inequities and institutional practices and policies of racism that continue to exist, plague the very core of our basic human rights, justice, freedoms, and liberties. It is incumbent upon all of us to eradicate racism, biases, and a systemic culture that perpetuates privilege and inequality. It is time to do away with the unseen, but ever-present, practices and policies that continue to handicap and stifle the growth of the African American community.  We must not and cannot continue down a path that marginalizes our black brothers and sisters. The plight for equality and freedom in this country has left cries gone unheard for far too long. Our hope has been shackled to the empty promise that all men are created equal, yet equality has remained elusive for generations. We can no longer tolerate the injustice that men and women of color continue to face. We must work together in demanding and seeking meaningful change. – Commissioner Gigi Simmons

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