Statement from Congresswoman Kat Cammack on the City of Gainesville’s vaccine mandate for employees

Kat Cammack

Press release from Congresswoman Kat Cammack

I’ve long said that the beauty of individual liberty is the ability to make the best decisions for ourselves and our families. I’m firmly anti-mandate. The government—at any level—should never mandate medical decisions that should be left for an individual and their doctor to make. If you want to get the vaccine, we’ll make sure you have all the resources available to do so. If you don’t want to receive it, then we’ll fight to make sure you aren’t forced by your taxpayer-funded employer. Freedom goes both ways.

I stand with my fire, law enforcement, and city employee brothers and sisters who are fighting for their personal rights and medical freedoms. They deserve our utmost respect and gratitude for showing up to do their jobs when the rest of the world shut down.

  • I’m glad to see this statement.
    I’m standing with these city employees who do not deserve to be treated this way.
    We need to support them, and work hard to get this reversed, and to get better representation on our city commission.

      • Tommy, you say you want us to take the shots to help end covid?

        The only way those shots can do that is for all the government officials who are depriving us of our freedom, financial security and normalcy to take their 2 doses and all the boosters and then die on schedule in 3 to 5 years from the deadly adverse reactions. Yes, 3 to 5 years of life after the vaxx. This is the expected outcome based on the animal studies.

        All of the 4 brands of shots contain dangerous toxins, including graphene oxide. None of them help immunity or to stop the spread. They are NOT true vaccines and they will not end covid, except in the cynical way mentioned above. Quite the contrary, it is the vaccinated people who are now creating the variants, throwing off deadly spike proteins, and spreading sickness and death.

        Worldwide, experts from all relevant fields of science are trying at great personal cost to get the truth to you and are being censored. Why? Because their truth runs counter to the lies people like Fauci are being paid (handsomely paid!) to manipulate you. We do not have a pandemic. We never did. It was a long con from the beginning and is still going on and getting worse. Wake up. Stand up. And stop promoting these devil’s piss shots! Don’t aid and abet them in their effort to kill most of us. Yes, this is really happening.

  • City of Gainesville needs to get the panhandling under control before worrying about masks.

      • Dr.J: Is VAERS data reliable? Is this something to be
        Concerned about if you want the shot or not?

  • Everytime she opens her mouth all I hear is her tag line……”chicken 💩”

      • Pray tell, what would your descriptive word for the newly elected president be?

        What’s really sad is that given the recent happenings in Afghanistan, he’s had to come out of his basement and the rest of the world has seen the frail, incompetent, empty shell of a man that is masquerading as the most powerful leader of the free world.

        If you can’t come to grips with that reality, you, as many others, are truly lost.

        If it helps you to sleep at night, keep on believing…

      • The two most totally useless people on earth are laughing hyena Klamidia Harris who f’d her way to her first 2 big appointments by Willie Brown (while both we married to others and he 25 years her senior – Willie still brags about it publicly) and Fiasco Joe who like many dems has never had a non gov job in his life and virtually no accomplishments in 45 years – besides authoring the most outrageous crime bill in history and being a good friend to ex Klansmen. His “presidency” has consisted of one misstep after another with thousands of infected/untested immigrants bussed to 48 states to spread disease and his boneheaded decision to abandon our protected air base in Afghanistan in favor of using unprotected and un-hardened Kabul. Also Bowing to the Taliban mandate to be out by 31st. Should have told them we’ll be done and we’ll leave when we are finished. If you don’t like that, we’ll blow you back to your mountain hiding spots annihilating as many of you as possible along the way. This administration will go down as one of the worst in history, beating Jimmy by a long shot. He may we’ll hit 10% annual inflation before he’s done, monthly data now would be >5% annual and he has only been a disaster in office less that 8 months! Go buy lumber or gasoline now and see. Oh, and I guess you walk to work, don’t fly and set the example of liberalism by buying a house next to a housing project. Likely the rules don’t apply to you, just others, especially the poor that need not come near your place. How do you like those apples?

      • Shannon, best not get distracted by Dem v Repub tensions. The people who want to kill us do not identify as either, and they don’t care. Nor do they identify with or pledge allegiance to any country. Those trappings are just theater to keep us “useless eaters” occupied while they empty our bank accounts, steal our retirement funds and shoot up our kids with unnecessary shots for a simple virus that poses no risk to kids; and while they threaten our very lives and end any semblance of freedom in America one small “taking” at a time. Our country is in danger. Focusing on maintaining our Constitutional rights has survival value. The Constitution will work if WE the PEOPLE have the courage, unity and integrity to work it. To do that we must stand together and support each other. We should all protect each other’s right to determine what happens to our bodies, what treatments we put into them. If one person has that choice ripped from him or her then we all will suffer the same fate at some point. Tyranny is insatiable and never gives up conquered ground. Revolution and death always follow as subsequent generations try to reclaim freedom.These shots are not vaccines and they offer no protection against a simple virus which already has a natural 98% survival rate.The pandemic was nothing more than a long con, built on the back of a fairly typical flu season using a hyped up 20 yr old virus (no, not novel) by ginning up false positive fake cases with a PCR test that was inappropriate to the task, administered and run incorrectly, and interpreted falsely by powerful people who admit they have no use for about 6.5 billion of us and want us dead. And now they’ve trotted out these shots that were patented years ago for just this time. They outright admit they want us dead. Why would anyone think the shots they made for us would work toward a different outcome? We must rise above political differences and try to protect each other’s rights or we will lose everything. You can fact check everything I’ve said about the pandemic by simply going online to alternative media where the true experts, motivated by their love of science and humanity will freely give you the truth about the shots and the pandemic on uncensored platforms where people are still free to speak truth to power.

  • “The government—at any level—should never mandate medical decisions that should be left for an individual and their doctor to make.”

    I see you have changed positions and now support a woman’s right to choose.

    • I’m pro-choice as well, but this is what’s wrong w/ our discourse today. Can’t look at an issue on the merits. HAVE TO make it political or do “whataboutism.”

      • Dan: “my body, my choice” when it comes to vaccines, right? The VAERS data is very concerning.

        • G Magog – An abortion isn’t infectious. The VAERS data is not at all concerning.

  • the majority on this city commission seem to have a penchant for implementing bad ideas (the grocery store comes to mind)
    I must give them credit for offering an incentive. Incentives are likely a better approach.
    Requiring masks on city property is probably as far as the commissioners should push mandates!

    • Not so fast. —City property is public property. If you
      You want to wear a mask because you are a sickly
      Person go ahead. I am healthy and don’t need anything
      Impeding my breathing.

  • Thank you for supporting this and allowing us to practice the freedom of choice! My prayers and thoughts are with you! And for those choosing to tear people down, my momma always told me, if you can’t say anything nice, you shouldn’t say anything at all. God bless America and may He bring leaders like you forward to help our nation find its way back to Him!

    • So here let me hold a dang magnet up to my husband! I mean he got vaccinated… oh that’s right he has been near many magnets and notta dang thing. As if things do not happen with foods and other things that cause a recall. It was likely one whole batch with a specific lot number and they were freakin pulled like they should have been. If you are going to criticize this then please criticize everything you put in your body as well. Thank you!

  • Will the City/County/State/Federal Employees receive a VIP Exemption from the Experimental Injection Vaxxines and then go on the clock to earn money while forcing the General Public to take the Experimental Injection Vaxxines?

  •  ….Vaxxines and then go on the clock to earn money while forcing the General Public
     to take the Experimental Injection Vaxxines?

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