Superintendent Simon responds to FLDOE: “we are in compliance”


In response to a letter from the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) on August 20, giving Alachua County Public Schools (ACPS) 48 hours to respond before starting to withhold money from the district, ACPS Superintendent Dr. Carlee Simon has issued her response.

In her letter, Simon says ACPS “maintains our prior positions,” and “We argue that we are in compliance” with the emergency rules. In response to FLDOE’s request for the amounts of the salaries of the school board members, the letter states that the monthly withholding “threatened by the state is $13,129. The School District of Alachua County will not permit the reduction of funds from student services or teacher pay.” In fact, the order from FLDOE states, “Further, the School District of Alachua County may not permit the reduction of funds based upon this order to impact student services or teacher pay.”

Simon continues to assert that “Universally masking is the most effective strategy we currently have, besides vaccination, to meet [the obligation to provide a safe and secure public education to all students].” She states the current numbers of cases (273 students and 63 adults), then says, “This number is growing every day. We are using masks as a protective device to reduce transmission of the virus.”

  • If “Universally masking is the most effective strategy we currently have, besides vaccination, to meet [the obligation to provide a safe and secure public education to all students],” AND that is the policy ACPS has had in place for the first 2 weeks of school, WHY are the numbers for school children going up?

    I wonder, given her credentials, if she might be willing/able to provide an answer for that?

    Keep on believing…

    • Because the governor won’t allow schools to enforce masking. She is saying that’s what they want to do. As a teacher, I am scared to death because after just 2 weeks of school I have approximately 10% of my classes diagnosed. that doesn’t include the kiddos quarantined but without symptoms.

      • She has gone against the governor’s order. What would you do in your classroom if a child didn’t get off a desk after you directed them to do so? I hope that you, being a teacher, would teach the children we have entrusted to you – to follow the rules.

        As a teacher would you even accept the answer to the question you presented? Let me rephrase the question.

        If school has been in session for two weeks WITH masks being mandatory, WHY are the numbers going up?

        Here’s a second bonus question. If you’re vaccinated and wearing a mask, why are you “scared to death?”

        Many would argue you should be more terrified of the $oci@li$t ideology taking over America.

        Maybe you should stop believing…

        • The two are not the same. For you to make such a stupid argument means you are a part of the problem.

          • Christopher, did Roo give you that response?

            Anyway, you have also chosen not to give an answer. Why could that be? No answer or choose to ignore the question(s) as presented?

            There are rules in place across society enacted by people who we don’t always agree with. One of the problems in this society is there are many who decide to pick and choose which ones they want to follow. You must be one of those individuals.

            The problem is actually quite evident – it’s far left ideologies that are infecting society.

  • Oh yeah Carlee? Maybe you should read this article: CDC Buries Study Finding that Student Masking Has No Statistically Significant Benefit. https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/cdc-buries-study-showing-student-masking-has-no-statistically-significant-benefit

    Like most leftist nitwits, Carlee is in my opinion is a deranged dogmatist who is loaded with feelings but bereft of thoughts. “Dr” Carlee? Doctor of what, irrational behavior? Did she get her degree from the same guy who sold Jack his beanstalk beans? It might seem appropriate that most of the “leadership” crew in Alachua County get psychoanalysis.

  • I beg to differ about a “safe” and “secure” education. Beside COVID, our schools are not up to par for safety per the Parkland shooting incident investigation. You may not want to hear this but it is true. Anyone at anytime can walk into a school fully armed with the intent to injure kids as was done in Parkland. The Florida school districts were mandated by Florida law to make the schools safe and secure post Parkland investigation by FDLE! I walked into a high school last Friday (unarmed of course) after classes began. The door was wide open, and no sight of any armed ASO deputies. Do you want this for your kids? I do not! FDLE will be getting a call in the morning and I shall ask for a complete and thorough investigation into the safety and security of OUR schools!!!!!!!!! I brought this to their attention over a year ago after the Parkland investigation came out by citing the lax security at Oakview Middle School. Nothing was done to secure that school.

    • The plan to make schools safer entails the destruction of
      The unalienable right to defend yourself, and the removal
      Of guns and ammunition from lawful citizens. You will
      Be protected because you will have an impenetrable cage around you…you’ll have a “safe & secure” everything after that…

  • They’re in compliance with the communist manifesto, perhaps…not the EO enacted by the highest authority in the state. All of the surrounding counties are looking at these idiots and laughing. You get 10 miles out of Gainesville and the mask bs disappears but yet…I see no bodies on the sidewalks nor do I see an endless stream of ambulances carrying off the sick and dead. What are we missing here, Dr. of Common Core, Carlee Simon???????

    • A little off topic but while we’re talking compliance, Alachua County (…and pretty much every other commie controlled area of the country), is also in full compliance with U.N. Agenda 21 and 2030. These people are all about SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, population control and replacement migration. A little discussed topic but it’s pretty damned important!!!

      • Leon County (Tallahassee) School Superintendent has a mask-optional policy, complying with DeSantis’ order, for high school students because they are old enough to get vaccinated. Elementary students in Leon are required to mask.
        About 10% – 30% of students / parents are subscribing to the the mask-optional choice in districts where it’s made easy.
        School systems should be able to accommodate the 70% – 90% of elementary school parents who want a CDC compliant classroom for their child. Unlike high & middle school, elementary students spend most of the day in a single classroom with the same teacher. Segregating students by parental mask preference in elementary school should be achievable.
        This would allow elementary school student’s parents to choose CDC or optional masking, meet DeSantis’s order & be reasonable to implement & execute!

        • George B…the helicopter parents who want shots and face
          Masks can segregate their children by giving them
          An on-line education at home. The parents who
          Don’t want face masks & Vax can get an in person
          Education…if the masks & Vax work, teachers have nothing to worry about… I know which bunch
          Of kids will be healthier and without psychological problems…
          You want to wear a mask? Go ahead. You want a
          Shot that may have adverse reactions? Go ahead. It’s my body, my choice. It’s not my body,
          Your choice…

  • Dr. Carlee is full of crap and we should accept the truth behind what she is up to. The mask mandate for kids has nothing to do with safety of the children. Kids are in no real danger from COVID and masks do not work
    anyway. Carlee Simon knows this. This is not about the kids. It’s about the neurotic teachers in Alachua County. The teachers unions have been quite vocal about their fear of COVID. The mask mandate for kids is really
    about pandering to the demented, irrational fear of most of our gutless teachers who fear life itself. They will ignore every study and every fact that screams out that masks don’t work. They will only pay attention to the local hack corporate doctors who pee their pants in fear of losing their jobs if they speak out against masks. And we have our renown “research scientists” in Gainesville associated with UF who milk the public teat for grant money and will not speak out against Dr. Tony the Ghoul Fauci who will dry up the grant money. Oh but look at the hospitals they say, people are getting sick. They are getting so sick BECAUSE of doctors and hospitals. People catch a covid cold and are told to stay home and do nothing. Because of lack of proper treatment they wind up with pneumonia. So by the time a hospital will actually do something for them, it’s almost too late. They are already at death’s door because of lack of early treatment. Now the hospitals can milk the gravy train for their high cost treatments using respirators. Last year the hospitals were getting $134,000 per covid patient. Do they have any incentive for you to get well at home? Ivermectin? No. Hydroxychloroquine? No. Vitamin C and D?
    No. Zinc and quercetin? No. Just get sicker and get pneumonia. But wear your useless masks. These people who force kids to wear masks are child molesters. They’re the lowest scum of humanity. Masks simply do not work. Here is another new study from Canada. The Canadian doctor says that masks are just a security
    blanket. Babies need a security blanket. Carlee Simon and our teachers are just babies. Read the Canadian report here. https://www.studyfinds.org/face-masks-wont-stop-covid-indoors/

    • Agreed….masking children is nothing short of child abuse….everyone of these folks should be ashamed of themselves…

      • Yep. Putting masks on children is just like putting them inside a “rusty cage”…hey, teachers! Leave them kids alone!

    • Wow A. Paco Liptz. Do you have any idea how professors receive funding from the NIH? Your reading comprehension is extremely low! Have you looked at the actual research studies you cite?

  • EPIC SPEECH CONDEMNING SCHOOL BOARD MASK MANDATES — Prof. Sherry Brown charges a Michigan school board with unlawfully prescribing masks as a medical device without a medical license or providing informed consent. She is armed with 46 peer reviewed studies that conclude masks do not prevent the spread of viruses and another stack of NIH studies demonstrating that long-term mask wearing can have negative effects and consequences on the wearer. Professor Brown also cites section 1307-b of the school code that prohibits school personnel from applying restraints that negatively impact breathing. – https://odysee.com/@TimTruth:b/great-anti-mask-mandate-speech:4

  • Universal masking may be able to help, provided that you have the proper masks, fitting, and educating each person on how to use them, properly don and doff the masks, and knowing when to dispose of them.

    Frankly, I’d love to see some kid of a first responder come to school with a SCBA on in a haz mat suit and just explain that my parent decided that they’d support the mask mandate, but they wanted to make sure the kid had the proper PPE and not some attempt at something that is ineffective but makes people feel good.

    • Universal masking? The mind, body, & soul wants nothing impeding it’s autonomic systems. I’m an
      Adult and don’t like breathing through a mask…
      Do you like breathing through a mask, yes or No?
      Universal masking is not an option. Freedom of choice
      Is the only option.

  • Responding to Harold Saive. Thank you. Excellent video link. Also, under Florida Administrative Code
    Rule 64E-16.002(2), cloth face masks are considered biomedical waste. Perhaps Dr. Carlee will recall how the CDC issued warnings that once a face mask is touched, it must be discarded or washed and the hands must be washed immediately? Governor Ron DeSantis pointed out that all kids fiddle with their masks. They cannot help it. Are the kids being forced to wash their hands all day? Parents, get your kids out of these schools run by psychotics and home school. You can form home school cooperatives and get much better educational
    results. Public schools are indoctrination camps run by communists, at least in Alachua County.

  • UF is largely behind the hysteria in Gainesville. The UF Center for Public Interest Communications took money from the vaccine pumping Gates Foundation to develop a “Guide to COVID-19 Vaccine Communications.” This UF-created monstrosity is basically a brainwashing guide that provides methods to twist people’s minds into accepting COVID vaccines. It reads like something out of the Nazi propaganda campaign. The entire UF Medical and local “health care” and hospital apparatus is complicit in being sock puppets for Bill Gates who wants to “vaccinate” the whole world and reduce its population. He stated this publicly. When lackeys in Gainesville such as Paul Myers tell you to trust your local doctors, they are complying with the UF-led brainwashing effort financed by the psycho software geek Bill Gates. Trust Bill Gates? He was closely connected with the pedophile pervert Jeffrey Epstein. Mellinda Gates divorced Bill reportedly because of his connection with Epstein. Get the UF covid propaganda guide and read it. You’ll puke.

    • Good point, A. Paco Liptz.

      Guide to COVID-19 vaccine communications. A practitioner’s guide to the principles
      of COVID-19 vaccine communications

      This guide was prepared by the Center for Public Interest Communications at the
      University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications in partnership with
      Purpose and the United Nations Verified initiative.

      “If a messenger appears to be motivated by factors that conflict with the recipient’s moral
      values or is part of an “out-group” the recipients of the messages won’t trust the messenger:
      Research suggests that when one encounters messengers with perspectives different than
      theirs, they’ll ascribe the most extreme beliefs to them if the message counters their own


      • UF’s Guide to COVID-19 Vaccine Communications: “We’re less likely to trust a vaccine if we question
        the motives of the people advocating for us to take it.”

        • “As an agency, Purpose helps clients harness participation for meaningful social impact. As a social
          impact agency, we collaborate with the world’s leading nonprofits, philanthropies, and companies —
          helping them put purpose and participation at the core of what they do.”

          Purpose Offices: New York, Brasil, London, Nairobi, New Delhi, São Paulo, Sydney.


          Jeremy Heimans is the co-founder and CEO of Purpose, a Public Benefit Corporation headquartered in
          New York with offices on six continents, that builds and supports movements for an open, just, and
          habitable world.

          Jeremy Heimans is a recipient of the Ford Foundation’s 75th anniversary Visionary Award, the Foreign
          Policy Association Medal and the Performance Theater’s Inspired Leadership Award. He served as
          chair of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Civic Participation. Heimans has been a
          keynote speaker at venues such as the World Economic Forum at Davos, TED, the Aspen Institute
          Ideas Festival, the RSA, Chatham House, the United Nations, Blair House, The Economist Big Rethink,
          The Guardian Activate and Social Media Week.


  • Swampy, I think that when you have a gang of people who refuse to listen to any facts or any science and then shamelessly lie, you have to follow the money to establish motive. In my opinion here’s what has happened in Gainesville. Gates, Big Pharma etc. buy off the UF medical establishment. They conceal the truth about COVID, masks and vaccines. The hospitals make a fortune on patients with pneumonia who could have been treated at home to prevent pneumonia. Money and influence is spread around and in my opinion most of the commissioners in the city and county are on the take. I think we are dealing with a profound degree of treachery and scumbaggery.

    • Don’t the personal bank records of all Alachua County Commissioners and Gainesville City Commissioners become relevant data when these Commissioners are becoming accessories to murder by mandating the Experimental Injections?

      What sounds do the ScaredSilent make while hiding lies and on-the-take?

  • NUREMBERG CODE VIOLATION – Despite their external appearance masks actually function as an invasive medical device with potentially negative consequences to the personal health of the wearer. Masks are designed to alter the flow of environmental air and biological content entering and exiting the lungs and nasal passages. School boards who impose mask “mandates” are engaging in unlicensed medical practice where informed consent and a list of potential benefits and side-effects are denied.

    When physicians prescribe medical devices, masks and medications they must qualify the treatments with a list of side-effects and warnings that including orders to stop taking the treament under adverse side-effects. All of the competent medical procedure is lost when school boards dangerously assume they can order a medical device for a child without trained medical consultation or regard for informed consent. – https://justpaste.it/2vwtd

  • Excellent information Harold! However, political hacks who have been bribed become little barking poodles for the slimebags who bribed them. Thus, they don’t care about the Nuremberg Code or any other code — just the payoffs they have received. It’s what most politicians do. They sell their souls for money.

  • All this hysteria over a cold virus that has a 99.997% survival rate! The local bribed political hacks claim they are worried about “the children.” That’s BS. Kids are pretty much unaffected by the covid cold virus. The ones who are sick are coming down with RSV which is a seasonal respiratory infection. Using a phony PCR test which nearly always shows false positives, they claim the kids are “cases.” It would not matter if every child in the world got COVID because they would all get well naturally. Their immune system keeps them safe. Since what the local political hacks are doing obviously makes no sense, then they must have an agenda. Follow the money people. Follow the money.

  • Most people resist being forced into any situation that they have not bought into. This is “Sales 101”. The County, City and School Boards are placing penalties and demanding by mandate that masks are to be worn. Period. They decided that the wearing of masks could possibly curtail the spread of this virus. I think Ron DeSantis, all of our ex-Presidents and the Pope agree. Masks are a good thing to wear, but to place a “MANDATE” on this mask wearing, just means you have not done a very good job in the messaging. I wear a mask for a variety of reasons, when inside any store and when in contact with the general public, but I do this because I want to, just in case of (fill in the blank). However, I completely understand when people are in defiance of being TOLD what to do and what not to do. Now, if a restaurant has a policy for me to wear a mask, I will. If Ace Hardware wants me to wear a mask, as the sign clearly states on the front door, I do. If my child has a first grade teacher, who tells the children that it is really good idea to wear a mask and the reasons why, then my child would wear a mask. We all should sign an acknowledgement paper and a release for liability and I would sign it, wouldn’t you?

    • And therein lies the problem.

      They aren’t willing to offer a choice.

      A woman has the choice to have a baby aborted but a parent is not permitted, in this district and others, to exercise their parental rights and have their child wear a mask or not.

      Release of liability from what? Isn’t that a requirement for potential moms to be prior to having an abortion? Once again, their hypocrisy speaks louder than words.

      Think liberal leadership doesn’t want total control?

      Keep on believing…

      • It’s all the “big lie”…the plan is to use medical tyranny
        To create a one world government and control every
        Aspect of your life. You will not be able to function in
        The new world order without the mark of the beast…
        They have the technology. They are destroying the
        Dollar and want to do away with cash…they have the
        Technology and want to implement it. Do not comply!

      • realtruth2020, you are great a false equivalencies! An abortion isn’t infectious!! My 8 yr old can’t catch abortion at school and then spread abortion to his grand-parents and then the abortion kills them. So I fail to see the hypocrisy.

        • Glad to be good at something.

          Maybe this will help…A potential mother has a choice in terminating her unborn child who may or may not hold within their future the knowledge to end cancer, cure the common cold, find a sustainable energy source – the future potential for that child is unknown and has no limits.

          On the other hand, a parent in this county can not decide for their child, whether they want them to wear a mask in school or not. You’re also a parent, make your child wear a mask, if you trust them to do as you’ve told them. I’m guessing your parents have the vaccine. Good for them. They MADE THEIR choice. That’s all the governor’s order said. Let the parents decide. It’s more choice than an aborted baby had. That’s the hypocrisy.

          Like I’ve said many times…keep on believing – or don’t. Again, YOUR choice.

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