Supervisor of Elections promises resolution for Precinct 27 ballot issue


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Some Gainesville voters are reporting that the vote-by-mail ballots they received this week are incorrect–specifically, that races for Gainesville City Commissioners and Gainesville Mayor are not listed on the Precinct 27 ballot.

Alachua County Supervisor of Elections Kim Barton acknowledges that there is an issue and says her office is “working on a resolution.” Although Barton did not offer any advice to voters, some candidates are recommending that voters wait for new ballots before voting.

  • Hey Kim, did YOU hire anyone this year to go to the jail to recruit convicted felons to vote for your corrupt democrat party?

  • Lifetime Appointment with no responsibilty for election errors. Dyonne above the law McGraw and Money Bags Mary Alford come to mind.

  • (In the 2022 version of this movie, the new OmniBallot election tool allowed AFL-CIO and other entities to print unlimited ballots from their home/office computer and there were no consequences. Democrat Party Machine Tools Harvey Ward and Bryan Eastman cruised to comfortably corrupt victories, there was no follow-up investigation regarding who was scrutinizing all the extra ballots, and the Supervisor of Elections Office declared that they had no investigative role. The General Public could never quite solve the mystery of OmniBallot 2022.)

    • (where are you going with that big Santa Claus sack of 1,000 Harvey Ward OmniBallots? Don’t you know the Supervisor of Elections Office will only accept the first OmniBallot and then they will surely go through all other 999 illegal OmniBallots by hand in a proper Supervisor of Elections Office investigation. Santa Claus is real, just like OmniBallot checks and balances)

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