Supervisor of Elections responds to ongoing confusion regarding candidate residency and district boundaries

Press release from Alachua County Supervisor of Elections

The Alachua County Supervisor of Elections is addressing ongoing confusion regarding the residency of a 2020 Alachua County School Board candidate and district boundaries for the Alachua County School Board.

While the Supervisor of Elections is responsible for creating voting precinct boundaries, the Alachua County School Board is responsible for the creation of its district boundaries.
The Alachua County School Board last established districts through a resolution in 2001, tying the School Board districts to the Alachua County voting precincts at the time. When then-Supervisor of Elections Pam Carpenter changed voting precinct boundaries following the 2010 Census, consolidating from 71 precincts to the current 63 precincts, the Alachua County School Board maintained its 2001 district boundaries, which were based on precinct maps created before 1998, when there were 53 precincts. A change in voting precinct boundaries does not change Alachua County School Board districts or the boundaries for any government entity.

As communicated in a previous statement, the address on the candidate’s Candidate Oath from the 2020 election cycle is located within District 4 of the Alachua County School Board.  

    • The CliffsNotes’ version…the Alachua County School Board was late doing their homework – by approximately 20 years. McGraw was confused by the maps that illustrate SBAC districts vs voting precincts and was not able to get any assistance with tutoring resources. Now that it’s time to turn in the homework, McGraw is claiming that she didn’t have the proper network speed to get the answers she was looking for but what she did finish got eaten by the dog on her way. The teacher found the dog, got the homework and realized the answers had been copied from another student.

      Dang! Gotta hate it when that happens.

    • It means she gets the boot because lives in district 4, not in district 2…
      Oh what a tangled web
      She weaved, when she practiced to deceive…you would
      Think someone would have caught this before she was
      Elected…didn’t city commissioner santos-Hayes have
      A problem like this and get out if it somehow?

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