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In the past few months, we’ve been told by government officials and major media outlets that we must stay in our homes because of a pandemic that is so deadly that large numbers of people will die if we go out to eat, go to church, or operate our small (“non-essential”) businesses. Suddenly, though, the same officials and news sources that have been dedicated to amplifying every frightening aspect of COVID-19 are completely unconcerned about large numbers of people gathering to demand various systemic changes after the video of George Floyd’s killing went viral.

If you find yourself questioning the mainstream narratives that are driving government policy and civil unrest, you are probably looking for news sources you can trust. 

Here at Alachua Chronicle, we’re dedicated to bringing you the truth about local news stories, separating news from opinion, and backing our opinions with facts and data. We don’t have the manpower to cover everything, so our top priority is reporting on the meetings of the Gainesville City Commission and Alachua County Commission. It’s important that you know what those elected officials do and say, so they can be held accountable.

We’ve also provided daily updates on the local COVID-19 statistics. If you read Alachua Chronicle, you are FAR more educated on the local situation than most of your elected officials, based on their statements in public meetings.

If this is valuable to you, we need your support. As you can see, almost all of our ads are from campaigns (note that they’re bipartisan). We are deeply grateful to every candidate who has supported us with their advertising dollars, but we will also need support after the elections are over.  These ads are Alachua Chronicle’s only income source because we believe the news we report should not be behind a paywall or obscured with ads that pop up over the article you’re trying to read.

If you own a local business that advertises with any media outlets, we ask you to add Alachua Chronicle to that list. If you’re an individual who values what we do, please set up a recurring monthly donation. Please tell your friends about Alachua Chronicle, and if you read us on Facebook, share our page with your friends. Sign up for the newsletter if you’d like to get all the articles by email once a day (just enter your email address into the form found on every page of our site).

If you value accurate, in-depth reporting on local government, it’s important to financially support the news sources that provide that information. The only way to push back on false narratives is to provide accurate information, and that is our mission, but we can’t do it without financial support from the community. 

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