Teachers warned about a “campaign to use deception via video”


Carmen Ward, President of the Alachua County Education Association (teachers’ union) sent out an email to union members yesterday, warning them of “a campaign out there trying to catch educators – choose your words wisely.”

The email originated from Andrew Spar, president of the Florida Education Association, with the subject “ALERT! Potential Project Veritas Deception Campaign” and said, “we have reason to believe the political undercover video group — Project Veritas — is again targeting teachers in an effort to undermine public education and drive wedges.”

The above image, which Spar said “we have not independently verified but are sharing out of an abundance of caution,” was attached to the email; Spar added that the image “suggests they are recruiting students to videotape educators enforcing COVID safety guidelines.” The email listed “six things you should know and do now,” including being aware of the campaign, assuming conversations may be secretly recorded/shared, assuming students may be secretly recording teachers, and using messaging explaining why an action is being taken. The fifth item says, “Note that teachers enforcing mask mandates are doing their job. CDC guidance expressly allows employers to set different rules, and many school districts still have mask requirements, which makes sense given very few elementary, middle and high school students are vaccinated at this point.” The sixth point instructs teachers to alert others if they suspect “an operative campaign is underway.”

  • This coming from a segment of the workforce, some of whom have been the most vocal about not returning to work unless qualifying factors have been met. Are they afraid of being discovered?

    It’s happening all over the country…parents are demanding the masks’ mandates be removed by school districts and their voices are being silenced for no other reason than political agendas. Think it’s only happening in those far left cities? Think again, Orange and Seminole counties are only 2 hours away.

    What they should be alerting the community about is the deception that is occurring in their own backyard. Time to stop hitting snooze on that alarm clock.

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