Telephone Town Hall with Commissioner Duncan-Walker

Press release from City of Gainesville

Gainesville City Commissioner Desmon Duncan-Walker is hosting a one-hour virtual town hall, Wednesday, Dec. 8, at 6 p.m. to lead a community dialogue on gun violence.

Commissioner Duncan-Walker will be joined by:

  • Chief Tony Jones – Gainesville Police Department
  • Dr. Paul Broadie – President, Santa Fe College
  • Cynthia Curry – Interim City Manager
  • Roxana Gonzalez – Interim Director Parks Recreation and Cultural Affairs
  • Caleb Young – Reichert House Youth Developer
  • John Alexander – Youth and Community Relations Bureau, GPD
  • Sheriff Clovis Watson, Jr., Alachua County Sheriff’s Office 

Panelists will discuss GPD’s three-pronged approach to violent crime prevention and the role of neighbors in mitigating community crime.

Neighbors will be able to ask questions by dialing 1-888-410-3427 at the time of the event; Spanish speakers are invited to call 1-844-881-1317. Questions can be submitted through the Zoom chat feature during the event. Neighbors are invited to register in advance for the town hall to receive an automated reminder call or the dedicated Zoom link for the event.

Register online

  • No telephone town hall, that’s BS. The people need
    To attend in person. I have no zoom or internet.
    Why don’t you have the meeting where people can
    Attend in person? Don’t say Covid & wear a mask.
    —I like to see the whole face when I’m being lied too.
    How about this idea? Charge the parents for their
    Juvenile kids that commit crimes…what’s that you say?
    No nuclear family, no mom & dad? How about get rid
    Of juvenile court & straight to adult court? How about
    Posting juvenile mug shots too. Should we have a dress
    Code and children must wear a uniform to go to public school?
    Bring back corporal punishment? Maybe women should
    Have to get a permit first if they are going to conceive a child
    Because abortion is not intended to be birth control.
    It takes 2 parents to raise a child! It seems some
    People have 5 different kids from 5 different daddy’s &
    Collect a government check…I think the last sentence is bingo.

    • Maybe more social justice murals will fix things.
      Like, “use a gun and you’re done. 10,20, life”…

  • They need to treat this “black on black” gun crime epidemic
    Like they did with the Wuhan flu pandemic with the quarantines…
    They said it worked, right? Maybe a curfew at sundown
    For minors past sundown…to draconian you say?
    How about some social justice murals asking juveniles to stay home and be super heroes, not
    Be driving around smoking dope and acting like gangsters. If caught, bring em to juvenile hall and fine
    The parents for not controlling them. ACSB knows
    To be tough with children with face masks
    To keep them safe…same routine, keep your kids
    Safe at home come sundown..

  • The 3 above comments are great even if you don’t
    Agree with them. The problem is: when going in person
    Or on zoom, they won’t let you speak and your time is
    Up. The above comments are not welcome at their
    Meeting…someone should send this comment section
    To Desmond Walker so she could read it all at the
    Zoom meeting. Now that would be a meeting worth
    Watching and attending!

  • Superintendent Dr. Simon should be one of the
    Speakers at this meeting…I would love to hear her
    2 cents since she’s so concerned about the children
    And has great credentials for everything!

    • Yes… Why wasn’t she invited? They always tout
      Education as the cure for everything…

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