“Tell that to the latest shooting victim!”


  • Just starting Tourism Week off with a bang. Maybe those incoming frosh should have their parents send a flak jacket with their next care package.

    The City could brighten the lights in the downtown area so people can see and avoid the filth. On second thought maybe it shouldn’t, wouldn’t want our GRU bills to go higher.

  • Money talks. If enough people temporarily stopped spending money downtown I would almost guarantee that these issues would be addressed. Law enforcement agencies, and governments in general, respond much better to corporate complaints as opposed to citizens complaints.

  • We can thank that super cretin Lauren Poe and his criminal sidekick Ken Cornell and all those liberal politicians that came before them for condoning, explaining away and, even encouraging the current violence in our communities. Liberalism is a mental disorder!

    • Be careful or Poe might go like the movie Speed on you with one of his army of international food trucks. Oh, how the “mighty” have fallen…

    • Hey, I think a member of the well regulated militia was responsible for the shooting. You should check the list of states ranked for gun violence. The worst mostly red states.

      Based on the number of gun deaths per capita in 2019 alone, states with the most gun violence are:

      Alaska – 24.4
      Mississippi – 24.2
      Wyoming – 22.3
      New Mexico 22.3
      Alabama – 22.2
      Louisiana – 22.1
      Missouri – 20.6
      South Carolina – 19.9
      Arkansas – 19.3
      Montana – 19.3


      • Nothing wrong with a well regulated militia it keeps idiot left wingers away when guns are taken away governments do as they please . The first thing Hitler did was to take everyone’s gun.

      • Top 10 cities…

        10. Cleveland, OH – 24.09 per 100k
        9. Memphis, TN – 29.21 per 100k
        8. Kansas City, MO – 29.88 per 100k
        7. New Orleans, LA – 30.67 per 100k
        6. Baton Rouge, LA – 31.72 per 100k
        5. Dayton, OH – 34.18 per 100k
        4. Detroit, MI – 41.45 per 100k
        3. Birmingham, AL – 50.62 per 100k
        2. Baltimore, MD – 58.27 per 100k
        1. St. Louis, MO – 64.5 per 100k


        These are the worst…ALL BLUE CITIES. Imagine that.
        Sorry, you can’t imagine that, it doesn’t fit your ideology.

        • Dude, they’re almost all in red states and states set the gun laws. Where’s SF and NYC, you know, those places always brought up as terrible left wing enclaves.

          • Sure Jizzman, you keep telling yourself that. Now you’re blaming something on the state level. Can you please make up your mind?

            They are terrible left-wing enclaves. That’s because all that’s left are the left-wing lunatics.

  • Jake continues his war on the city he hates and one wonders why he doesn’t move. Maybe shopping malls and “Celebration” are where he goes for fun, so yeah, I’m sure he has a great time there. I go downtown about once a week to eat, drink, go to the Hipp, check out Depot Park – the best new thing Gainesville in decades. I don’t go to Simon’s at 1 AM – probably no grad parents do either – so I guess I’m missing out on the real excitement.

    Point is, the city should drop the open container law ASAP, but downtown is safe and vibrant now if you use a little of the brain we are most blessed with. Not speaking for Jake of course.

    • An issue with your perspective….Gainesville is Gainesville because of the University of Florida. The University of Florida has had, and continues to have, a tremendous amount of influence over the growth and financial well being of the city and businesses within the city. College kids go downtown late at night and early in the morning because that’s what college kids do. College kids dont live the same lifestyle as the average employees adult. I assure you, the unfortunate reality is that downtown Gainesville is not safe at night and that is when many local businesses do business with the thousands of college kids.

      • KD, as someone who has frequented downtown A LOT over the years, listen to me! College kids don’t even begin to show up there until 10 or 11 and then slowly. Yeah, if you are still there at 1:00, you’ll be in the mist of them and other young people joining in. Don’t do that unless maybe there’s some band you want to see, and then you’ll most likely be safe, but be careful, as you should be always. Before eleven, and except at certain places which change over time, like the C&W bar on S Main which is packed early, it is mostly middle age and older people going to dinner, to have a drink, or got to the Hipp or one of the many summer concerts at the Plaza. I recommend them all to someone who is still alive and wants to enjoy our city, weather, food, and entertainment.

        Or, you can stay on the couch or go to the Mall until 9 or 10. But be careful there! Some members of our well regulated militia may decide to shoot the place up.

        • It’s safe to say it’s safer on the couch then. It’s not the well regulated militia shooting up the place. It’s criminals. That’s the point. You really have difficulty with reality don’t you?

          • Guest, the well regulated militia is gun owners in America, or do you have some secret information on who qualifies? Most of the mass killers don’t have a record.

    • Ever thought he doesn’t hate the city but he hates what it’s become under current, (and past Poe), liberal leadership?

      You really don’t get much do you? Take off the blinders.

        • Well the the liberal lunatics have been running the city into the ground for many years now so that seems to add credibility to your assumption. Seems the only people who benefit are the liberal lemmings. Yes, that would be you.
          Then again, you hate a lot as well; DeSantis, people not wearing masks, discipline, people having to be held accountable…

  • Well, yet more shootings in downtown. Apparently the mentor approach that former Chief Jones mentioned last year had not had the desired results.
    Now the ball is in Chief Scott’s court. Downtown is where you go to resolve gang issues, practice your shooting skills, and be a general pain in the arse to the police.
    Haven’t heard much from GPD about downtown or other shootings lately.

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