Teneeshia Marshall sends demand letter to Mayor Poe


Teneeshia Marshall, former Equal Employment Director for the City of Gainesville, has sent a demand letter to Gainesville Mayor Lauren Poe, copying the other six city commissioners. Marshall is represented by Lindsay Greene of DSK Law, out of Orlando

The letter says the hope is “to reach an amicable resolution, with regard to the many claims that we intend to bring on behalf of Ms. Marshall.” The letter says she was denied her severance pay and compensation for her retirement benefits of $59,745.31, “which is a breach of the Employment Agreement.”

However, the Gainesville City Commission has already approved an amended contract that provides a lump sum payment in the exact amount cited in the demand letter. The draft amendment contract also included severance pay, but City Attorney Nicolle Shalley “told the commission that Marshall did not wish to give up the right to sue the City in exchange for the severance pay.”

The letter claims that her original Employment Agreement provides for 17 weeks’ severance pay and “Any other reading of the Agreement, and any attempts to require Ms. Marshall to execute a release as a condition of receiving her severance pay, is unreasonable and absent all merit.”

The letter further states that Marshall “was subjected to retaliation by the City Manager, Lee Feldman, and at least one member of the City Commission, Commissioner Adrian Hayes-Santos, due to her having objected to unlawful conduct, such as unlawful discrimination and retaliation of City employees… [T]he conditions of her work environment were rendered so unbearable that she had no option but to resign.” The letter provides notice of Marshall’s intention to bring an action for retaliation “including a claim for constructive discharge.”

In a paragraph demanding preservation of all communications, Diane Wilson is also mentioned. Wilson filed a complaint of gender discrimination against Feldman and later filed a complaint of retaliation; the City Commission declined to fire Feldman after an investigation found that he had retaliated against Wilson. Instead, the commission recommended a “professional development program” for Feldman.

  • These liberals, give ’em enough time and they’ll devour their own eventually. Problem is all the collateral damage caused to the rest of us.

  • In what world can you resign from your job and then demand severance pay and also ask to choose the person to fill your vacant position???

  • This is why 97% of the city’s population chooses not to vote (but it’s by design). Only the 3% Ruling Party leaders care, just like in other one-party ruled places.

  • I predict the city commission will cave and give her whatever she wants. There is very little vertebral material, or any kind of cerebral material on that board. They are all about political correctness, being more woke, more progressive, more green then anyone else. That is the philosophy that drives this current city commission.

  • Poe and Santos are both huge liars and exaggerators about their past and their claimed accomplishments. Both living off gov checks with only real world experience menial and failures. A claimed economics professor, who actually teaches high schoolers in dual enrollment with a simple history degree, PoBoy will lie about any amount of city business. Hayes ran his position on the county job program to bankruptcy and claims to be a minority but is actually a white kid from Canada that once had a Hispanic step dad! Unbelievable idiots!

  • I need popcorn and a soda so I can sit back and watch these idiots eat themselves.

    • These super wannabe world stage liberals (but just small town ignorant fools) won’t be able to say no to a black woman who will take them on a financial “magic carpet ride” to the cleaners! The poor idiots don’t have a chance.

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