Terrell Bradley sentenced to one year in state prison in plea deal

Staff report

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Terrell Marquis Bradley, 32, has been sentenced to one year and seven days in state prison following a plea agreement on three of the seven charges that were originally listed on his arrest report. Bradley lost an eye during a K-9 apprehension after running from a Gainesville Police Department officer on July 10, 2022.

Bradley’s car was pulled over on the night of July 10, and the officer asked him to step out of his vehicle after he reportedly saw marijuana in plain view. After Bradley got out, the officer attempted to pull his arms behind him, and Bradley allegedly elbowed the officer and ran. A GPD K-9 team responded to search for him and eventually found him behind bushes, where the K-9 bit his hand and head while apprehending him; Bradley lost an eye during the apprehension, leading to several City Commission and community meetings on K-9 policies and resignations from the K-9 unit.

A search of Bradley’s vehicle reportedly produced a Glock pistol under the driver’s seat that had been reported stolen, along with a separate magazine. Bradley was originally charged with possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana, resisting an officer without violence, battery on an officer, grand theft of a firearm, carrying a concealed firearm without a permit, and two counts of possession of a firearm or ammunition by a convicted felon.

Formal charges of resisting an officer without violence, battery on an officer, carrying a concealed firearm, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon were filed on September 7, 2022.

In the plea agreement accepted today by Judge David Kreider, Bradley entered a plea of nolo contendere to possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, battery on an officer, and resisting an officer without violence; the charge of carrying a concealed firearm was dropped as part of the agreement. Britanee Prince was the prosecutor on the case.

The agreement states that the maximum sentence for the charges is 21 years in state prison.

Bradley was adjudicated guilty on all charges and has been sentenced to one year and one week in state prison, with credit for two days served. He was booked into the Alachua County Jail today to begin serving the sentence.

  • Oh ya, right, one year is all he needs to learn his lesson. He will probably come out and join the Boy Scouts and he will be a model citizen….NOT

    • This fiasco became a political football with spineless politicians who don’t stand up for anything. The original charge that the K-9 was proven false, but like other false black outrage, it was accepted by Democrat politicians as fact. The GNV CC over the last 20 years has screwed up everything it has touched. They couldn’t even do a simple road resurface with changing their minds TWICE, both times after it was completed.

  • He may be in prison for a year but he’ll be without an eye for the remainder of his life.
    Hindsight being 20/20, bet he would have made a couple different choices in his life. Now the only hindsight he’ll ever have is 20/1000. It’s unfortunate and could have been avoided.

  • One year for “ONE EYE.” He is already loser dope dealer poisoning his own community. Two felony convictions and one misdemeanor conviction this time around. This guy is will be out in a year and back to committing more crime.

  • Keep your head up my boy, you’ve already served your consequences by your life long scar, but go ahead and do this time it’ll be over before you know it. Get out get back on your feet and prove them all wrong. 1❤️ 💪🏿

    • Maybe he will learn to obey a lawful order of the police officers, understand since he is a felon he can have a gun, and drugs are illegal now if he doesn’t learn this then he needs to stay in a little longer

      • One would like to think he learned his lesson, NOPE😆🚫

        2023 TR 008108


        He will NEVER learn!!!

  • Those evil cops won’t have their dogs to use next time. Hopefully, they have been at the range practicing, and will keep an eye out for this guy when he is released.

    • I am sure GPD/ASO/FHP are hiring. Maybe you could show them how to do their jobs Mo Betta👮🏼‍♂️🚔

  • A convicted felon that gets caught with a gun should automatically get 5-10 yrs on top of all the other crimes.

  • This idiot should be under the jail, really one year in prison for this and was a convicted felon! WTF

  • Y’all get on here and have so much hatefulness and distasteful ish to say & have family members doing things that require life in prison. Mind the business that pays you!

  • His year in prison will be the worst year of his life. He assaulted a cop. The guards are going to make sure he feels right at home.

    He needs to sleep with one eye opened.

    • Gilberto CO’s dgaf about them assault on a LEO charges 😂😂 he gonna be perfectly fine in there. And JeffK you sound dumb af lawyer fees are paid by the defendant even if they get a public defender 🤡

      • Where did you learn to speak English? “about them assault on a LEO charges he gonna be perfectly fine in there.”

        Here’s your assault on English, in English: about THOSE assault on a LEO charges, he’s GOING to be perfectly fine in there.

  • The K-9 did his job, what in the name of all that’s holy was all the fuss and resignations about? Shame on the city and the PD for not supporting their officers, K-9 and human.

  • Terrell Marquis Bradley made his adult criminal debut in 2010 at age 18, violently robbing two separate people by punching them in the face and taking their money.

    Hope those victims got some satisfaction seeing this career thug and social parasite being turned into a cyclops, whether it was actually from the K9 or just a tree branch he hit when he was running away from the police sniveling and crying like a little girl.

  • 2023 TR 008108


    He will NEVER learn!!!

  • Let’s call it out: inconsistency in our response to justice is a problem. It’s important to condemn any criminal actions, regardless of race.

    My question: where are the comments when similar incidents involve individuals that aren’t black?

    Whenever I read an article about the arrest of a black man, there’s a call for severe punishment, even violence. Yet, when it’s about a white man, there’s often an inclination to rationalize the situation.

    Let’s demand fairness and accountability for all.
    #EqualJustice #AccountabilityForAll

    • I will have the same opinion on anyone who acts like Bradley! It’s nothing to do with race, it’s about being a decent HUMAN!

  • He’s a dad! Brother! Friend! Son!

    Y’all gotta know his children/family may be reading these comments. Let’s not create what. It’s not ABOUT race anymore in America I only see half of y’all comment in BLACK individuals such CRUEL remarks. This world needs to stick together for what’s right and we ALL know this what’s wrong. Where’s the humanity??? Half of these police reports are botched up. I can bet 10/10 majority of y’all commenting these RUDE comments #1. Can’t leave your home because you’re old and no ONE loves you so you aren’t able to leave to go get food so you’re warming up microwaveable dinners and watching tv all day. #2. Probably hardly making ends meet to wipe your a** (Poor tink) #3. FAMILY all cracked out just know how to function as an addict &&& @Mo Betta and @GILBERTO DOMINGUEZ, I hope they stop you guys from committing. I’m starting to think Y’all may both be ex-racist cop!!!! I’d hate to know y’all. Whew!!!!!

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