Text to Republicans comes from the same PAC that is telling people to vandalize Single-Member District signs


ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. – Republicans are receiving text tonight that advise them to vote against Single-Member Districts, saying the ballot measure will “turn the whole county into the City of Gainesville and will allow Woke Socialists to take over,” but those texts are coming from a PAC called Alachua County’s Future that is also advising people to vandalize signs promoting Single-Member Districts and to remove and throw away those signs.

The “Alachua County’s Future” Facebook page states that “Save Our Vote Alachua” is responsible for the page, and the Save Our Vote Alachua website says it is “Paid for by Alachua County’s Future.” The page clearly supports Democratic candidates and issues and features numerous photos of Ken Cornell.

The Alachua County’s Future PAC was formerly chaired by Alachua County Commission Candidate Ken Cornell, but Cornell told us he resigned as chair on April 1, 2022. Cornell also told us he has “nothing to do with that PAC since 4/1/22 or their [Facebook] site.”

The page has several posts advocating for vandalizing or removing signs that favor Single-Member Districts.

The text sent to Republicans from that PAC is shown here:

Stafford Jones told Alachua Chronicle, “This was as pathetic a political Hail Mary as I’ve ever seen. It was paid for by the PAC formerly chaired by Ken Cornell, but we all know that a Woke, Socialist utopia is exactly what he dreams of. Alachua County voters are sophisticated voters and will see through the lies told by this woke PAC.”

    • I’m sure if it is, Cornell and the rest of his henchmen gave their blessing.

  • I got one of those texts. I am wondering how they got my number to do that! We have got to get these Dems out of control in this county… they are lying to everyone!!

    • I thought it was cheat, steal and then lie about it.

      Guess it doesn’t matter which order, just can’t trust them.

  • I have noticed that Ken Cornell’s name comes up when things like this happen. He seems to have be a part of deceptive behavior going on in Gainesville.

  • Hilarious. Stafford gets a dose of his own medicine and immediately turns into a whining little baby. Cry me a river.

  • The dishonesty and unethical behavior never ends with the Dem Commissioners. Why? Because people are too complacent! Wake up!

  • For some reason I cant find the FB page or the website. Could you try and share it. The links in the article does not seem to work. Thanks. SOMETHING IS ROTTEN IN ALACHUA COUNTY

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