The Social releases surveillance video from the October 17 incident that sent an employee to the hospital

Video courtesy of The Social

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The Social has sent Alachua Chronicle surveillance videos from the October 17 incident that resulted in the arrest of Kaleb Wiswall. Wiswall was previously arrested in July for allegedly hitting a bouncer.

Felicia Suarez-Rogers, Managing Director of The Social, told us they released the video because they believed the arrest report did not fully capture what happened: “The notion that this was anything but a brutal attack on one our staff members by a person with an evolving pattern of violent behavior was offensive. We felt that regardless of the accuracy of reporting that the public needed to see firsthand exactly what occurred, so as to create some pressure on the prosecution to take this crime as seriously as we do. We hear all too often about law enforcement ‘going easy’ on students and young offenders so as to not ‘ruin their lives’ but this young man acted with so little regard for another’s life that it seemed appropriate that he be subject to the same treatment.”

The first clip shows Wiswall and his companions being calmly escorted out after they were asked to leave.

The next clip shows what happened as soon as they went out the doors, onto the steps. The video is clipped before it ends to protect the identities of Wiswall’s companions but shows the moments when the Assistant General Manager of The Social was injured. The arrest report said, “while the victim was lying on the stairs, Wiswall lost his balance and fell, landing on the victim’s neck.”

  • That’s 2 footed stomping. It WAS intentional. That’s NOT losing his balance. Anybody could see that that watches the video.

    • I think he was trying to stomp with one foot and lost his balance trying to still get him with the other foot as the employee was falling down the stairs. I am thinking there is the delay so his faculties due to drunkenness at play here as well.

  • The arrest report said, “while the victim was lying on the stairs, Wiswall lost his balance and fell, landing on the victim’s neck.” – You can see from the video that Wiswall jumped and aimed. It was intentional. Do you happen to know if the arrest report was adjusted after viewing the video evidence?

  • I been said this. It’s only a matter of time before these “bouncers” at this dump get shot or stabbed. They don’t hire the right people nor pay anything. This dump will be shut down soon.

    • I know you miss Gainesville and getting drunk here, driving and hitting parked cars on West univ also acting a fool inside GPD before getting thrown into n jail 😂😂

      • That was almost a decade ago .. that doesn’t bother me one bit. 352-327-6056. You can hit me up if you’re feeling brave.

  • Where’s the video showing how this altercation actually started? In the first video I see the accused cooperating and calmly leaving the building and in the next video it appears the bouncers are trying to push the accused backwards down the stairs until he is able to fight them off and defend himself. Two against one with bouncers who are trying to send you down a flight of stairs, who wouldn’t fight back? This looks like self defense all day. It’s also pretty sketchy that The Social conveniently didn’t release any video showing how this altercation actually started…wonder who appeared to be at fault in that video??

    • Actually,
      If you see the first video closely and slowly, the defendant winds and throws a right hand, unprovoked, to the bouncer siting on the stool. The self dense claim is not given to aggressors such as this scenario. Also even if there is self defense, a defenseless person such as the bouncer lying on the ground is no longer a threat to attack. His slip and fall (actual jump with malice intention) is aggravated (intentional) to cause bodily harm or injury.

      • (2/2)
        That being said,

        The prosecution should probably give as punishment;

        1. Adjudication of guilt on felony aggravated battery (Minimum- 2 years felony probation). Dismiss disordelry conduct charge (They only put this in to drop his charges down).
        2. Full restitution to the victim on all medical expenses and such.
        3. State-certified anger management course, 100 hours commuity service, possible alcohol rehab program and/or mental evaluation.
        4. Minimum 1-year suspension from UF.
        5. Curfew on the first year of probation; no going out to bars and such.

    • You are a sack of nuts. The videos are shown from both angles and they are show everything as it transpired. Read a book, learn something. Very, very low IQ.

  • Kids, if you’re doing powder in the bathroom, let it be peaceful horse tranquilizer, not cocaine.

  • He was doing cocaine in the mens restroom with his girlfriend and claimed to be fixing her makeup. Lowlife, pretentious, fray boy beating up on a tiny bouncer. That’s how small his package must be. Loser.

  • All of you defending this frat rich boy, what part of he’s done this before don’t you understand? Well, HE’S DONE THIS BEFORE. He is a privileged and entitled student with rich parents. Why are we acting like that’s not a thing? It’s an entire culture in Gainesville. He’s gotta serve his time or pay up. Because of him, someone who was working is having an entire ass shoulder replacement and long term damage. Suspend him from UF and make mom, Karen, flip the bill.

  • Nothing good would have been doing for the supervisor ask him to leave. it is notable that the customer was waiting for the moment to get to the edge of the stairs to punch him and push him, not satisfy with that he also jump to kick his neck. This guy definitely
    rich or not rich, is dangerous Nothing disturbing should be allow in a place where a lot of students and families go to pass a good time.

    • Families? They don’t go into these loud obnoxious bro and chick joints.

      He’s an arrogant lying punk.
      Drop him off in the middle of the Everglades. Or better yet, make him join the Marine Corps.

  • Throw the hardbound book at the scum. College frat boy or student stereotypes are not welcome here, either. UF has a strict student behavior code, for off campus too. Employee should sue his spoiled ass, make him pay for years.

    • Dream on…UF Admin and SAO has a long record of jumping through their axxholes to get them off; might interfere with them becoming a bank executive, high power attorney, legislator, or Supreme Court Justice a few years down the road.

      You’re talking about harming obvious leadership material, here!

  • For all of those who are unaware, the bouncers at this establishment have a history of using excessive force while removing cooperating customers from their establishment after falsely accusing them of drug use. Back in May of this year there was an incident at The Social that was almost identical to this one, the only difference was in the May incident the bouncers at The Social didn’t end up on the losing end of the fight that they appear to have started.
    If The Social wants to try this case in the court of public opinion by releasing this video and call this kid out for an “evolving pattern of violent behavior that is offensive” then The Social should be called out too as their employees also appear to have an “evolving pattern of violent behavior that is offensive”.
    It’s shocking how similar these two incidents were and how both of the men who were being thrown out provided almost identical versions of events putting The Social employees as the aggressors. I definitely think there is a lot more to this story and I’m not going to be an ignorant fool and assume this kid is guilty based on two videos that show part of the altercation but somehow weren’t able to show how the fight actually started.
    I’ll try to attach the link to the other incident here but if it doesn’t work just Google Christian Acevedo The Social. .


    • Nah. They got exactly what they deserved. Too dudes in the same stall? They got delt with. As they should have.

    • Two gay early-20’s Latino guys? We’re supposed to believe they were not doing cocaine together in the bathroom?

  • Do we know if he is a member of a fraternity, or is “frat boy” just a pejorative term? He appears to be a criminal moron, the jury will decide, if he is indeed charged.

    How much culpability does the liquor establishment have by letting this UNDERAGE fellow in, apparently multiple times?

    • Last I heard it’s legal to be in a bar at 18 as long as you’re not served or consuming alcohol. It’s even legal to work there as a bartender or server as long as you don’t consume.

      Original article stated something about a wrist band–different colors used to ID over/under age patrons to staff and undercover beverage agents/cops.

      As to the various comments concerning training/demeanor/actions of the bouncers…well, welcome to the night life. This is an age old problem since there have been bars and ain’t going away anytime soon.

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