The Supervisor of Elections Office is Urgently Recruiting Election Workers for August 23

Press release from the Alachua County Supervisor of Elections

ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. – The Alachua County Supervisor of Elections Office is urgently recruiting election workers to serve on Election Day, which is August 23. Being an election worker is a tremendous opportunity to serve your community and learn more about elections and the democratic process.

Election workers are paid. To qualify, election workers must be registered to vote in Alachua County and have reliable transportation. Election workers can expect to work on Election Day (Tuesday, August 23) from 5:45 a.m. until 8 p.m. or potentially later.

The Supervisor of Elections Office is seeking election workers to serve as EViD (electronic poll book) Operators, Ballot Scanners, and Ballot Distributors. Once we receive applicants’ information and verify that applicants are eligible, we will be able to connect them with online training resources immediately.

If interested, please immediately contact the Supervisor of Elections Office by calling 352-374-5252 and review the information sheet below for more information about the election worker positions and requirements. 

  • Do you get a lunch hour or breaks or what? People need to know these things.

    • Lunch hour and breaks depend on how fast you can shred ballots from voters who look Republican!

  • Four days before Election Day and AC Supervisor of Elections is just now looking for “volunteers”. Four days to screen/vet, contact, hire, and train Election Workers!!! No big deal, right? Are you kidding? Can you spell packing the voting booths with partisan sympathizers? No chance of voter fraud here!!! Yeah right!

    • They can find plenty of volunteers in the street medians or they can check Grace mkt. Maybe they got some work release guys they can get too.. no need to panhandle cause this job pays and you can help the community.

  • (under the FantasyLand pretense that elections are real, voters have power, and only real votes are counted) Maybe some failed to notice the Covid Event and the 2000 Mules 2020 “Election” that had zero consequences for the criminal perpetrators, who are now back to grow bigger scams

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