The Swamp Restaurant will reopen Monday at new location

Press release from The Swamp Restaurant

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Since 1994, The Swamp Restaurant has been a beloved Gator watering hole for both students and alumni alike. From tailgates to happy hours, Swamp has become synonymous with UF pride and enthusiastic locals, both looking to celebrate the place they all call home, Gainesville. However, after years at its original location, The Swamp Restaurant was forced to leave its home on West University Ave in the summer of 2020. While many thought this might have been the end of this local establishment, The Swamp Restaurant’s team thought differently and began collaborating with local developers to begin making big plans for a new location just around the corner from the first.

“We were inspired by the overwhelming support we received from the Gator Nation when news broke that The Swamp’s original building was being knocked down,” said Ryan Prodesky, owner of The Swamp Restaurant. “We’re excited to announce that due to the dedication and loyalty from our clients, The Swamp will be reborn in a new location.”

After two years of planning and construction, The Swamp Restaurant is now set to reopen its doors to the Gator Nation on Monday, August 29, just in time for UF’s Football season. This newly-constructed space at 1104 SW 2nd Avenue will not only mimic the same likeness and charm that its previous patrons knew and loved but will even include some of the same features of its original location, such as the white picket fence, Sunday brunch on the front lawn, Recess, and more! This fresh start for the restaurant will allow its owners to lead The Swamp Restaurant to create a new space with a similar feel, charm, and likeness to the previous establishment. The newly-located Swamp Restaurant sits less than two blocks from The University of Florida’s main entrance on Southwest 13th Street and is located in the midst of Gainesville’s Innovation District.

Ultimately, to many in the Gainesville community, The Swamp was more than just a restaurant and bar; it was a place where they made life-long memories with the people they were closest to, and it became a symbol of nostalgia. “We’re in the business of making memories, not just great food,” said Prodesky, and that’s the exact tradition that The Swamp will continue starting this coming Monday, August 29.

  • “will even include some of the same features of its original location, such as the white picket fence”

    watch out, some of the anti-white racists like to tear white picket fences down

    • just north of UF Campus, when people from out-of-town come to a Gator Football Game is there any where within walking distance to recommend for them to sit down and have a nice meal other than “The Social”? (“Welcome to the Gator Game, go to Chipotle and stand in line then walk around with your food in your hand?”)

      Are these City Planners trying to make Gainesville repulsive?

      Restaurant Recommendations truly appreciated.

  • Good news. This will alleviate endangered local restaurants in the area there.

  • I’m not optimistic about this. Old Swamp was popular because of Location Location Location.

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