Three arrested after Depot Park robbery


Tases J Mills, 20, Madrek Eugene Nobles, 19, and a juvenile were arrested early this morning following a robbery at Depot Park. Mills and Nobles were both charged with two counts of armed robbery and one count of grand theft-auto; the charges for the juvenile are not public.

At about 11:45 p.m. last night, two women reported to Gainesville Police Department officers that while walking in the area of Depot Park (201 SE Depot Avenue), they were approached by two black males armed with handguns. The men ordered the victims to give them “all they [had],” and the victims handed over their cell phones and car keys that belonged to a third victim who was not present. The victims reported that two young men fled on foot a short distance and met up with a third male who had been standing nearby. Then they said the three men located the SUV belonging to their friend and drove away in it.

An alert was issued for the SUV and the suspects, and the SUV was located on I-75 about 40 minutes later with the aid of the vehicle’s OnStar system. OnStar took control of the vehicle and slowed it to a stop near the southbound off-ramp at NW 39th Avenue. The driver, later identified as Mills, and front passenger, a juvenile who was not identified, immediately left the vehicle and fled on foot. The rear passenger, later identified as Nobles , stayed in the car. Mills was captured a short distance away with the help of a K-9. The juvenile was also captured a short distance away. Two black pistols were found in the vehicle. It was also later determined that Mills and the juvenile were allegedly the two who robbed the women near Depot Park; Nobles was allegedly the one who was waiting nearby.

  • Keeping score…11 out of 12

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    “the stereotype of the woman as the carer”

    Only the naive still believe…

  • Once again more high quality people arrested out robbing innocent people. Thankfully the women weren’t harmed. These guys will be committing crimes for years to come. The Judge should throw the book at these losers. Society will be supporting them for a long time. I hope some bleeding heart Judge doesn’t let them off easy.

    • 10, 20, life…arrest the parents too if they’re juveniles,
      No deferment programs to erase a juveniles record.
      Direct file serious crimes for juveniles to adult court.
      Publish the mugshots of juveniles…when you get to the jailhouse for processing:
      1. You get the striped
      Jail clothes. 2. You get a crew cut to make you look
      Good for your mug shot. 3. Then go to your cell.
      No erasing of juvenile records. The public needs to
      Be protected. It should always be swift & severe punishment. That works.

  • Obviously this is due to COVID’s socioeconomic effects — on clueless Dem offspring.

    • Yeah that’s it. You nailed it bud. Better get going, your MENSA meeting starts soon.

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