Three arrested in downtown fight

Staff report

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Tommy Lee Banks III, 28; Reginald Bernard Bolen, Jr., 24; and Tabresha Lashon Oliver, 29, were arrested early this morning during a fight outside Silver Q, 225 W. University Avenue.

According to a Gainesville Police Department report, the three were involved in a physical fight that ended when officers arrived at about 12:15 a.m., but all three reportedly continued to threaten staff, customers, and law enforcement that they would go into the bar and “beat some a**.”

While officers were investigating the incident, Bolen tried to get past a uniformed officer to enter the bar and was told to stay back, then he allegedly tried to physically push past the officer. An officer placed a hand on Bolen and told him again to stay back, but Bolen allegedly grabbed the officer by the forearm and was subsequently detained and placed into a patrol vehicle.

Meanwhile, Banks was reportedly walking back and forth, yelling that he wanted to fight staff and customers; he reportedly took a fighting stance with clenched fists and made verbal threats to fight people inside the bar. He also reportedly took his shirt off in preparation for fighting. After officers gave him instructions for about 10 minutes to stop or leave the area, he was detained.

While Banks was being detained, Oliver reportedly kept trying to get officers and staff to fight her and repeatedly walked into the road. After instructing her to get out of the road several times, an officer physically moved her out of the road, and then she allegedly became aggressive with the officer. After she allegedly ignored multiple instructions from officers, she was detained. As an officer tried to move her to a patrol vehicle, she allegedly grabbed him in the groin, and another officer had to physically pull her off the first officer. She also allegedly refused to identify herself.

Banks has been charged with disorderly conduct. He has one misdemeanor conviction for domestic battery and is on pre-trial release status following a February arrest in which he was charged with domestic battery and property damage.

Bolen has been charged with battery on a law enforcement officer. He has a juvenile criminal history and two recent arrests with violent charges–a 2021 arrest for allegedly hitting a woman with a tire iron and a 2022 arrest for domestic battery–but all of the charges in both cases were dropped.

Oliver has been charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. She has a juvenile criminal history and two misdemeanor convictions (none violent).

Bail information is unavailable on weekends.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • Two’s a party, three’s a crime…at least it was this time.

    No respect for authority. Why would that be?

    Banks will be stealing or commiting other crimes before he turns 30. That you can bank on.

    Bolen’s trouble, he’s gonna kill someone unless someone gets to him first. “Other Boleyn Girl?”

    Oliver needs her tubes twisted to prevent procreating.

  • These three were on a drug induced rage. And they’re not all that bright.

    • Now there is an idea, schools to create or replace the incompetent or missing parent(s) who produced the offending offspring.

  • Who goes downtown anymore. No place for anyone who isn’t looking for a fight or a bullet.

  • I am thankful for police officers who are willing to intercede in situations like this, not knowing what will happen. In this case, they were able to make the arrests and deter what appears to be a group determined to start a fight. That takes a courage I don’t have – I appreciate all our first responders who reliably run toward danger to protect the rest of us!

  • Where’s Curry, Chestnut, Poe and others who wanted to defund the police? Maybe they can take in these fine citizens and protect the rest of us law abiding tax payers.

  • Why weren’t all three immediately tazed, or whacked with a billy club? Ignored cops for 10 minutes???? Really??? How about giving them 3 seconds instead?

  • Wow the ignorance of a few. This report and story is totally off. Its funny how things get reported in the news

    • Christopher, may I ask what part was not reported? Curious as to how it’s “so off” when I watched this incident happen

      • What was left out was that they attacked the bouncer and that is why police were called. Then they proceeded to try to be combative with other patrons just trying to enjoy a game of pool.

  • The Gainesville City Manager and seven City Commissioners were told repeatedly by their police department chief and by citizens in public and private that allowing all night drinking on public sidewalks, streets, parks, would create violence, shootings, killings, accidents and more. So all seven of the city commissioners discussed, debated and, by vote of a city commission majority, made it happen with the support of the Gainesville Sun. Most of the responses herein overlook the three obvious failures that are responsible for Gainesville’s miserable civic situation: 1) missing or incompetent parent(s) 2) ignorant and incompetent city government 3) editorial support from a failed daily newspaper

    • Mark,
      They are old enough to be in a bar, they were in the bar, they began to cause trouble and were asked to leave and refused. They were drinking INSIDE the bar. They were not out on the street. While your point is valid, it doesn’t pertain to this situation at all. In all probability they were on coke or some kind of meth.

    • Oh, they’re working on that, I’m sure! Right after diverse/equity school zoning.

  • Why is that black o offenders have to act out the way these three did. This seems to be very common place anymore. I remember growing up if a police officer told you to do something you did it. And if you didnt listen the next thing coming at you was not a hug. And if my parents found out that I disrespected the police I would tore a beating that would out do anything a cop did to me. Maybe we need to get back to the basics like first obey the law, and dont make a bad situation worse by acting out. And parents need to be waiting at the jail house doors to beat some sense into their kids when they walk out. But in this case at least the two males have already demonstrated their true violent from past arrest.

    • Because “Entitled Lives Matter”, that’s why. Let us not forget that a certain ‘incident’ involving the death of a civilian African American man, by the hands of the police in a different state, created a country wide state of mind that “I am entitled to not have to listen to the police”, Even when our officers are trying to help me. I can drink in the streets, I can buy, use, and deal drugs, I can fight with others, I can aquire illegal guns and weapons, I can pull a gun out of my waist band on a police officer, I can steal cars, and beat up little ole ladies, all because my life is now become “Entitled”.
      Thus “Entitled Lives Matter”
      That would be why my fellow resident…..

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