Traditional town hall Monday to focus on exclusionary zoning

Press release from City of Gainesville

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Gainesville City Commissioner Cynthia Moore Chestnut (at large, Seat B) will host a traditional town hall meeting, “Everything You Want to Know About Single-Family (Exclusionary) Zoning.”

When: 6-8 p.m. Monday, Aug. 8

Where: Mount Pleasant UMC
630 NW 2nd St.

Joining Commissioner Chestnut in the community dialogue about exclusionary zoning are:

  • Cynthia W. Curry, Gainesville Interim City Manager
  • Tony Cunningham, Interim General Manager for Utilities
  • Daniel Nee, Interim City Attorney
  • Zeriah Folston, Interim Director of the Office of Equity and Inclusion
  • Corey Harris, Senior Housing Strategist
  • Yvette Carter, Director of Government Affairs and Community Relations
  • Kinn’zon Hutchinson, Gainesville Regional Utilities Chief Customer Officer

During the town hall, Department of Sustainable Development Director Andrew Persons will deliver a presentation on the proposed ordinance amending the Comprehensive Plan’s future land use element to revise the Single-Family (SF) land use category to include small-scale multifamily development.

The town hall event will be recorded for future broadcast on COX Cable Channel 12, and will be archived on the City of Gainesville website.

To help ensure public health and safety, neighbors are asked to follow CDC recommendations including masking and social distancing guidance for COVID-19 at events.

  • Not one of the four commissioners that voted for this will be in attendance. So Commissioner Chestnut, who is not in favor of this, is going to speak with the people along with a leaders from other areas of government to present these changes. She is basically going to stand in the line of fire for the four incompetent commissioners because you know there will be no positive comments from citizens. But yet she is doing the right thing by educating the public. The four commissioners should join her for this town hall where comments are not limited to three minutes. She is either showing you what leadership is or they are making a martyr out of her….or maybe both.

    • The department of doing should also be at the meeting…”some people are more equal than others”…

  • The office of equity & inclusion will be there…they will be explaining how this is part of the global plan to end homelessness. —How’s that Grace Marketplace “10 year plan to end homelessness” working out? “Build it and they will come”.

  • Interim – Interim – Interim – Interim …. funny how almost the whole city executive staff are the equivalent of Temp employees. Maybe that will change if we can get more sane people on the commission. I’m sure this town hall meeting is part of some larger plan Cynthia has to keep it from passing or overturn it or something. Poe should not leave with a feather in his cap after his abominable job performance as mayor, especially as far as the Black community is concerned. Let him leave in disgrace.

  • The eastside has suffered from gov’t subsidized rental housing, but it could convert that housing to owner-occupied instead. With private property and HOA rules, sold via mortgages the local citizens can afford. That would immediately make the eastside into a draw for new commercial and business development.

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