I-75 is open

Press release from Florida Highway Patrol

ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. – All lanes of I-75 are now open. Please use caution in the area and expect delays as traffic resumes its normal flow.

Earlier updates:

As of 5:30 p.m., chemical cleanup efforts continue at the scene of the earlier tractor-tanker trailer crash. When the combination overturned, it spilled its load of liquid Styrene.

All southbound traffic is being routed off at the 399 mm (US Hwy 441 Alachua) exit, and all northbound traffic is being routed off at the 390 mm (NW 39th Avenue Gainesville) exit.

This incident began just before 6:00 a.m. on the southbound side of I-75, with rain present at the time. Further investigation revealed that two tractor-trailers, two pickup trucks, one SUV, and one passenger vehicle were involved. At this time, it appears that one vehicle hydroplaned and began the series of reactions and collisions.  

Earlier report:

An overturned tractor-trailer and subsequent chemical spill on I-75 at the 391 mile marker has all traffic stopped in both directions.

***The chemical spill assessment and cleanup operation may take as long as 12 hours. Motorists should avoid the area until further notice.

Photos below courtesy of Alachua County Fire Rescue:

  • Thank you Jennifer for this warning! I was able to let my husband know as he will be heading to Tallahassee for his job, luckily he hadn’t left his store yet.

  • I75 is absolutely ridiculous anymore. Old stats were the roadway closed every 9 days on average. Lately it is closed due to crashes every 2-3 days. Trucks traveling 80 mph that weigh 88,000 lbs cannot manuever quickly enough to avoid anything. Then add in truck drivers who are running on 5 hour energy pills and untruthful log books and you get these crashes. Oh, and the idiot speed racers who want to do 120mph and cut in and out of traffic don’t help either.

    • From what I understand, there are no untruthful log books anymore. It’s all digital. And I’d bet dollars to donuts that the cause of this accident was NOT a trucker.

      • The article says it is believed a vehicle hydroplaned. There were six vehicles involved.

      • I’ll place a large bet that you are correct on all of myour points!!!!!

    • It’s why truckers need that rural toll road bypass. I hope FDOT is moving along on that.

    • Truck are not 88000 lbs, gross is 80000 lbs unless a special permit!
      Yes the some trucks are going faster than the speed limit, and most truck crashes are caused by cars!

    • you should see someone to help with the anger issues.

  • That area is the I-75 Devil’s Triangle of Alachua County.

  • Lovely, “styrene is regarded as a “known carcinogen”, especially in case of eye contact, but also in case of skin contact, of ingestion and of inhalation, according to several sources.” wiki

  • I hope no one was seriously hurt. That looks like a terrible situation.

    I am so thankful for first responders who stay ready and willing to run toward dangerous situations like that. We are blessed with so many wonderful helpers!

    It is so encouraging to know that while we have lots of problems, we also have so many hard working problem solvers in our community.

  • WTF those chemicals could be going into the aquifer and later show up at Itchetucknee!


  • Cars are much more likely to hydroplane than trucks. It is because they have lower tire pressures; (cars 30 or 40 PSI and trucks 120 PSI.) This makes the tire tread footprint smaller.

  • I love how people blame the truckers… We won’t mention the overloaded highways from all the incoming unwanted people moving here.. once upon a time this was a vacation state.. as a REAL Floridian (not someone who claims to be one yet is from another state, aka a non Floridian) but look around, everywhere you look they are building subdivisions with cheap express homes… Our state population has increased so much within the last 5 years it’s pathetic. Not enough highways for cars, not enough teachers or even room for the students… Imagine the population increase in the last 5 years and a vast majority of them are from blue states… They move here then have the audacity to complain about people moving here 🤣 can we get some eviction notices sent out 🤷🏼‍♂️

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