Trash collection delays expected through January

Press release from City of Gainesville

Due to pandemic-related workforce shortages, Gainesville neighbors may experience residential solid waste collection delays through January and possibly into February.

The City’s contracted waste hauler, WCA/GFL Environmental, has been working to provide regular services levels while facing workforce shortages across the board, from collection drivers to mechanics. Service impacted may include residential garbage, recycling, yard waste, bulk waste, and other collection services performed by the City’s contracted waste hauler. Garbage collection services are prioritized for public health reasons. Residents may report missed collection by calling 352-334-2330 or online at cityofgainesville.org/MissedMyTrash

The City is working closely with WCA/GFL Environmental to monitor any irregularities or delays in collections. The City is committed to delivering best-in-class services to all neighbors and appreciates their patience and understanding during these challenging times.

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      • When the price of gas is higher, it costs more to transport everything, and there is a domino/exponential effect that makes everything cost more and more. If gas was still $2.10/gallon, things would be a LOT different.

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