Two arrested after attempting to pawn stolen computer; man was wanted in Texas for human trafficking


HIGH SPRINGS, Fla. – Darren Phillip Brown, 24, and Jenipher Lisbet Milan, 25, both from the Miami area, were arrested yesterday in High Springs after allegedly trying to pawn a stolen laptop.

Brown and Milan allegedly pawned a computer in High Springs on October 24; the pawn store owner told a High Springs Police Department (HSPD) Officer that when they turned on the computer to verify that it worked, he saw personal information belonging to another unknown individual, indicating possible fraud. The pawn shop owner contacted law enforcement, and it was determined that the pawn form showed Milan’s name but Brown’s thumbprint and signature. The owner was advised to contact law enforcement if either or both returned to the store.

On November 8, both Brown and Milan returned to the pawn shop to collect the computer, but the computer had already been seized by Florida Department of Law Enforcement pending a search warrant. HSPD officers responded to the pawn shop and saw both Brown and Milan in a vehicle in the parking lot. They told Brown he was being detained, and he allegedly ran from the officer; she was able to catch him and put him in handcuffs.

Post Miranda, Milan and Brown both reportedly told a detective they didn’t know who owned the computer, and Brown allegedly refused to identify himself. After he was told a Rapid ID system was being brought to identify him, he reportedly gave his name and told the officer that his ID was in his pocket. The officers also reported that the vehicle they were driving was not registered to either one of them, and another laptop and two cell phones were found in the vehicle, along with nine credit cards, all with different names on them, none matching either defendant. The officers wrote that they believed the pair are involved in racketeering, and further charges may be forthcoming.

Brown has been charged with fraudulently pawning an item, possession of stolen debit/credit cards, resisting arrest without violence, and obstruction by a disguised person. He has a criminal history in Arizona and is wanted on a warrant out of Texas for human trafficking. Judge Susan Miller-Jones set bail at $145,000.

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Milan has been charged with fraudulently pawning an item and possession of stolen debit/credit cards. She has no criminal history. Judge Susan Miller-Jones set bail at $75,000.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

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